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Live Events

Check here for all the upcoming TRP Live Events.

September 9th

       7:30 PM    

Brockton, MA

October 21

7:00 PM

Fall River, MA


Family Friendly, All Ages Event!

TRP Heavyweight Title Match
Rhode Island Lion Nico Silva(c) vs. World Class Channing Thomas with Sidney Bakabella


TRP Interstate Title Match
Victorious BRG Brett Ryan Gosselin(c) vs. Flex 2.0 Cesar Leo


Impact Star Vincent vs. Matt Magnum


AEW Star Jora Johl vs. Bull James fka Bull Dempsey


WWE NXT Star Anthony Green, Brutal Bob Evans, and TRP Tag Champion Traevon Jordan vs. The Beastmaster(PPG and PPH) and Moshpit


Darley Desamot vs. Cassius Hall


Women's Tag Match
Luscious Latasha and LMK Little Mean Kathleen vs. Sara Bully Jade and Shannon Levangie


Lock Up Wrestling 6 Man Tag Action
Rylie O'Neil, Koosh Bandicoot, & Erik ChaCha vs. Elias Markoplous, H2O Ryan Water, and The Difference


Impact Star Alisha Edwards will be in attendance as well.

ICheck Back for More Info


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