The 31st Anniverary EVENT is AROUND the CORNER

After three long months, Top Rope Promotions will be returning to the Police Athletic League Hall in Fall River, Massachusetts for their biggest show of the year, The Anniversary Event, which takes place on Friday April 6th 2012. Top Rope Promotions celebrates is 31st year in business at this prestigious event. The April 6th line-up for the Anniversary Event looks to be one of the strongest cards in the company's history.

The main event for the evening will feature the collision of former ECW, WWE and TNA Tag Team Champions, Bully Ray and Brother Devon. The two men formed one of the most celebrated teams in wrestling history as The Dudley Boyz and Team 3-D. Bully Ray and Devon captured tag team gold over 20 times in their storied career. But on April 6th, the two "brothers" will clash one on one in what will surely be an all out brawl. With the expected mayhem the brothers will bring, Top Rope Promotions thought only one man could handle the task of keeping the brawl contained. Former ECW and WWE tag team champion, and brother to Bully Ray and Brother Devon, Spike Dudley. Spike also wrestled for TNA under the name Brother Runt. Expect the unexpected when these three personalities make their presence known at the PAL Hall on April 6th.

Luke Robinson was unsuccessful in his bid to become the latest WWE Tough Enough Champion, Robinsons captured an enthusiastic second place. And though Robinson wasn't declared the winner, he certainly won the recognition of millions of wrestling fans. Robinson will see action for the first time at the PAL when he faces fellow newcomer "Naturally Gifted" Q.T. Marshal. Marshal is a well rounded top prospect for Ring of Honor and has spent several years touring the country. Marshal has also spent time touring Puerto Rico, where he wrestled Daniel Bryan in an epic 20 minute encounter. Both Robinson and Marshal are determined to prove they are the nation's top wrestling prospect.

In an emotional testimonial to the human spirit, Matt Magnum will return to the ring for the first time in nearly six months. As fans will remember, Magnum had his streak of wins cut short back in November when personal physicians informed the 22 year old rookie that they found tumors in his chest and he needed emergency surgery. Luckily for Magnum, the doctors were able to remove the tumors and later declared them benign. As Magnum continues to slowly recover from surgery, he promises to be in top physical condition when he meets TRP Heavyweight Champion Matt Taven on April 6th 2012. Taven and Magnum have a bit of history, as the two were members of the same graduating class of Top Rope's "The Lock-Up Wrestling School". In an interview released earlier this week, Taven expressed joy for Magnum's recovery but also promised the young man would not survive the match. Magnum on the other hand has vowed to never be afraid again, especially of Matt Taven, since he had to confront the harsh reality that death was an option. The match between Matt Taven and Matt Magnum is expected to be an emotional rollercoaster for both participants.

After a surprising upset at the January 1st "New Years Bash" show, Bob Evans expected to walk away from the victory with his hands raised and his feet climbing the ladder in Top Rope. As not to be the victim of a cheap win, Vinny Marseglia has challenged Bob Evans to a rematch at The Anniversary Event. With only 30 seconds left before the time limit for their match expired, Evans was able to attain victory. However, Marseglia claims the victory was tainted, as Marseglia pinned Evans a few minutes prior, but the victory was undeclared since, unbeknownst to the referee, Evans snuck his foot on the rope after the pin was made. Marseglia is looking to show that he has what it takes to get a clean victory over the brutal one.

Another rematch slated for April 6th will be the TRP Tag Team Championship bout between the reigning champions The Whaling City Wrecking Crew and The All Winners Club. The Wrecking Crew were on their way to a decisive victory on January 1st when Marshal McNeil interfered at the last moment. This time, McNeil has been barred from the arena and will not be in attendance. The All Winners Club will have their hands full on April 6th, as they were barely able to escape on January 1st.

The lovely women of Top Rope will be looking for a measure of revenge, as Luscious Latasha and Alexxis Nevaeh make an open challenge to Loretta Van Wyke and any female competitor in Top Rope Promotions. The ladies were upset on January 1st when the women's scramble match included a wolf in sheeps clothing. Though "Loretta Van Wyck" claims to be a woman, Luscious and Alexxis know "she" is Marshal McNeil in women's clothing. Regardless, Nevaeh and Luscious have made an open challenge to Van Wyck and a partner of her choosing.

Jason Blade will also defend his Interstate Championship on April 6th 2012 against Biff Busick. The "Manliest Man" makes his long awaited return to Top Rope Promotions after training with Lance Storm in Canada. Busick is ready to show Blade a thing or two about wrestling, and he hopes of those things will be defeat.

The Gold Rush Ladder Match will also be featured at The Anniversary Event. Jay Freddie, Brandon Webb, Gino Giovanni, Johnny Angel, Kevin Cordeiro and "H2o" Ryan Waters will all do battle for the opportunity to earn a title match of their choosing in the future.

"The Anniversary Event" is always one of the best wrestling shows of the year, and as last year has proved, you never know what might transpire at one of these events. Don't miss out on all the action. "The Anniversary Event" takes place April 6th 2012 in Fall River, Massachusetts. For more information visit the Top Rope Promotions fan page on

Full Card for Top Rope Promotions "The Anniversary Event"

TNA star Bully Ray vs TNA star Brother Devon w/ guest referee Spike Dudley

WWE Tough Enough's Luke Robinson vs "Naturally Gifted" QT Marshal

Matt Taven vs Matt Magnum

Vinny Marseglia vs ROH's "Brutal" Bob Evans

Jason Blade vs "Manliest Man" Biff Busick

Alexxis Nevaeh & Luscious Latasha vs Loretta Van Wyck & A Partner of Her Choosing

6 Man Gold Rush Ladder Match

Whaling City Wrecking Crew vs All Winners Club


Summer Showdown 2011 is in the history books. The colossal Top Rope Promotions event took place on August 5th at the PAL Hall in Fall River. The Fall River Faithful were in full effect, as over 180 fans were witness to non stop action, superior wrestling and incredible feats of athletics.

The milestone started with one of the most anticipated matches of the evening. The womens cage match. Originally slated to be Barbie versus Luscious Latasha, the match had to be changed due to Luscious Latasha's overseas tour being extended. Barbie insisted that, regardless of whom her adversaries were, the match remains inside the confines of a steel cage. TRP officials reached out to womens wrestlers Amber and Taeler Hendrix. Both women jumped at the opportunity to be a part of such a prestigious event. Early in the match, Barbie and Amber teamed up on Taeler. The fans rallied behind Taeler, which resulted in Taeler Hendrix making a remarkable comeback. Taeler was almost out of the cage when Barbie was able to stop her. After Barbie viciously drove Taeler's skull into the top of the steel cage, Taeler fell to the mat. Barbie was able to climb over the top of the cage to the floor below. Barbie was declared the victor in 8 minutes and 32 seconds.

Before the ring crew could rip down the enclosure, "Adorable" Gene Joseph and The Freakshow came down to ringside. Gene Joseph declared the TRP Tag Team Champions as the most dominant force in Top Rope, and said they ascertained this over the last several months. He said, to prove his point one more time, he challenged The Freakshow's foes to a steel cage match. Their opponents for the event was two young competitors, both making their PAL debut. The Fall River Faithful greeted Kevin Cordeiro and JT Dunn to Top Rope Promotions, but even they had their misgivings. The two young men were impressive in the early moments of the match, as Cordeiro distracted Big Daddy Bravo, and JT Dunn climbed to the top of the cage. Dunn then dove off the cage and knocked out Buck Nasty and Gene Joseph. As Bravo went after Dunn, Cordeiro entered and the two youngsters started throwing everything that had at the giant Bravo. However, Bravo was able to overcome the young rookies. At one point, Bravo was able to pick both competitors up at the same time and give them a double bodyslam. It was quite the observation. The Freakshow defeated JT Dunn and Kevin Cordeiro in 9 minutes and 57 seconds, to retain the championships. As the champions celebrated, Guns 'n' Roses started blaring over the sound system. The Whaling City Wrecking Crew, a team composed of Nick Steel and Vain, ran out and went after The Freakshow. The two teams brawled to the back.

As the Top Rope Promotions ring crew came to ringside to remove the cage from the ring, Marshal McNeil made his was to ringside. To say the crowd hated Marshal is an understatement. The man is downright abhorred. Marshal introduced his new protege to the crowd. It was a wrestler many people were familiar with. The Ladies Man, joined Marshal McNeil at ringside as the two jawed with the crowd. After the cage was taken down, The Ladies Man's opponent for the night was announced. "Devils Reject" Brandon Webb, a crowd favorite, battled TLM in a decent one on one encounter. Both competitors looked crisp. Webb used high flying strategy to try to keep Ted Goodz down. However, Marshal McNeil made his presence felt and helped TLM with the duke. The Ladies Man conquered "Devils Reject" Brandon Webb, with assistance from Marshal McNeil, at 8 minutes and 13 seconds.

The impressive Scott Reed was up next, as he contested Lukas Sharp. Lukas Sharp was at a disadvantage here, as he spent the better part of the last year in tag team competition. On the other hand, Scott Reed has been riding a wave of success in Top Rope. Reed has been piling up numerous wins in the last few months, and has been gaining momentum in the singles charts. After a great frenzy, Reed was able to pick up another win, as he quietly subdued Sharp. Scott Reed picked up the win after 9 minutes and 30 seconds of competition.

The next match was one of the most anticipated in Top Rope history. A dog collar barbed wire match, pitting brother against brother. Shane Alden versus Eric Alden. There were several weapons available at ringside, including a wooden baseball bat attired in barbed wire. The dog collar chain itself, was also wrapped in barbed wire. to win the match, the wrestler had to touch all four turnbuckle pads without interruption. The bout started slow, as the brothers traded punches. Both of them seemed apprehensive to use the barbed wire on one another. However, once the fighting intensified, all apprehension was thrown to the wind. At one point, Shane put Eric in the corner and wrapped the barbed wire chain around his brothers neck and yanked on the chain. But that wasn't enough to keep Eric down. Eric came back with several shots with the barbed wire. Shane was busted wide open and bleeding profusely. Eric, hell bent on hurting Shane even more, grabbed one of his freakish homemade dolls and tore it's toy head off. Inside the doll, hundreds of thumbtacks. Eric poured the tacks in the ring and went to slam his brother onto the massacre. However, Shane was able to escape and reverse the slam into a face first flapjack. Shane then touched all four corners, as his brother lays in the canvas covered in tacks. Shane Alden defeated Eric Alden in a grueling competition in 12 minutes and 45 seconds.

After a brief intermission, resident ring announcer Shawn O'Vincent readied the crowd for the next match. A two out of three falls affair between "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett and Matt Magnum. Before Bennett could even make it into the ring, Magnum jumped the Ring of Honor star from behind. Magnum took advantage of the mugging by slamming Bennett repeatedly into the steel barricade. After 3 minutes, Magnum took the first fall by pinning Bennett following a flying head butt. After a 30 second rest period between falls, Magnum continued the onslaught. Bennett was able to make a brief countercharge, but Magnum cut him back down. During another brawl on the outside, Magnum dropped Bennett leg first across the steel barrier. As Magnum worked over Bennett's leg in the ring, Bennett took advantage of a rookie mistake and was able to roll up Magnum for a fast pinfall. At 9 minutes and 12 seconds, Bennett won the second fall. Again, the referee mandated a 30 second rest period between falls. Magnum continued to target Bennett's leg, as Bennett fought tooth and nail to keep Magnum away from further injuring his leg. After a series of back and forth effort, Magnum was able to lock in the half crab. The student forced the teacher to tap out. Magnum won the third and deciding fall via submission, at 15 minutes and 59 seconds. After the match, Magnum got on the microphone and reminded the crowd that "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett wasn't always losing matches to rookies. He reminded the Fall River Faithful that Mike Bennett was a former multi time TRP heavyweight Champion whose killer instinct and selfish nature would never have allowed him to lose to Matt Magnum. Matt Magnum wondered if we would ever get to see the "old" Mike Bennett again.

The Top Rope Promotions Interstate Championship was on the line next, when champion Vinny Marseglia battled Jason Blade. The two athletes share a lot of similar traits. In fact, many fans in attendance said that Vinny reminds them of a young Jason Blade. The two started the match with a quick pace and it never let up. The two traded armdrags, dropkicks and moonsaults as the Fall River Faithful cheered on both individuals. At one point, Marseglia dove outside the ring at Jason Blade, neglecting the safety of himself. It was amazing. Marseglia was able to keep his winning streak alive, pinning Jason Blade with a roll up at 8 minutes and 22 seconds.

Former Interstate Champion, "The Maestro" Guy Alexander made his way to the ring for his scheduled bout with Owen Graichen. "The Maestro" has been looking to get back into title contention after losing the belt in April. Alexander was impressive in his match against Owen, making short work of the talented young wrestler. Alexander pinned Graichen following a firemans carry slam at the 6 minutes and 51 second mark.

The main event was up next. Shawn O'Vincent announced Spike Dudley as the special guest referee for the match. Challenger Matt Taven made his way to the ring first, followed by the Heavyweight Champion Tommaso Ciampa. The crowd was vocal and let the wrestlers know who they wanted to see come out on top. And quite honestly, the crowd was split evenly down the line. All the young kids and females screamed for Matt Taven, and the men wanted to see Tommaso retain. It was a loud ovation that almost blew the roof off the Police Athletic League. The match, billed as a Fall River Street Fight, quickly went to the outside. The men brawled through the crowd. At one point, Taven went to the top turnbuckle and flipped through the air, over the guardrail, into the crowd. Tommaso, knowing Taven's strength is his aerial ability, unhinged the top rope. The two then battled on the ring apron, exchanging several stiff forearms and chops. Both men's chests were beat red and welted. As the two battled on the ring apron, Taven was able to grab quickly a hold of Tommaso and hit him with a swinging neck breaker. The two flew off the apron and through a ringside table. The crowd reacted with a "Holy Sh*t" chant. Spike Dudley, a veteran who has been in dozens of hardcore matches, looked at the carnage in shock. In the end, Taven climbed a ladder to the top of the Police Atheltic League, and stood on the edge of the balcony. Taven leaped off the 20 foot balcony and hit a frogsplash on a prone Tommaso Ciampa. Three seconds later, Matt Taven was declared the new Top Rope Promotions Heavyweight Champion.

The event was heralded by fans and staff alike. Summer Showdown 2011 was the best event that Top Rope Promotions produced. From top to bottom, the event had a little bit of everything for everybody. It was a full tilt action packed entertaining experience for everybody. It was a show that everybody could be proud of.

The New Age Outlaws make their TRP debut! JUNE 10th PRESS RELEASE

As part of Degeneration X with Shawn Michaels and Triple H, The New Age Outlaws ran rough-shot over the World Wrestling Federation in the late 90's. As an integral part of the "attitude" era, "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn and "Road Dogg" Jesse James redefined what is was to be a popular "babyface" tag team. Stone Cold Steve Austin gets major credit for redefining an era of professional wrestling, as he should. However, The New Age Outlaws should also get some credit.They too, were a redefining force in the tag team division. They were to the tag team division what Stone Cold was to the singles division.

Several years after departing World Wrestling Federation, now known as World Wrestling Entertainment, The New Age Outlaws are still tearing down barriers all across the nation. The team still take several bookings a year for independent wrestling organizations all over the world. And despite a stint in Spike TV's "TNA Wrestling" as the "Voodoo Kin Mafia," Gunn and James are best known for their days on top of the WWF mountain top. The former multi-time tag team champions continue to live up to their hype as the greatest tag team of the 90's. Each time they step into the squared circle, they still give the fans a show that only DX members can. A
nd they plan to bring that show to Fall River, Massachusetts on June 10th 2011. Top Rope Promotions, the longest running wrestling organization in New England, will feature The New Age Outlaws in their headline match, as they face stiff competition against "Brutal" Bob Evans and "The Ladies Man" Gregory Edwards. Bob Evans and Gregory Edwards are no slouches either. Bob Evans is a well-known figure across the nation, as he is currently part of the Ring Of Honor roster and featured on many of their live events. In addition, Mr. Evans has trained some of the top stars in the sport today. His partner Gregory Edwards has spent the last 10 years wrestling all over New England and has held many local championships, including several tag team championships. The tag team specialist hopes his knowledge in team competition will give him a little bit of an edge that other opponents of The New Age Outlaws haven't been privy to.

In addition to the marquee main event, the Top Rope Promotions heavyweight championship will be on the line when challenger Matt Taven takes on Tommaso Ciampa. This is a rematch from April's big Anniversary event. Tommaso barely squeaked out a win over Taven in April. It took an underhanded tactic on Tommaso's part to keep Taven down for the count. When the referee was distracted, Tommaso grabbed the TRP heavyweight belt and walloped Taven from behind, and got the easy pin on the unconscious challenger. Taven has been clamoring for a fair and just 1 on 1 encounter with Tommaso since December 2010 when Tommaso stole the heavyweight championship from Taven during the 30 Man Spindle City Rumble. Taven continues to call out Tommaso as being afraid to wrestle him 1 on 1, without any outside interference or foreign objects. In fact, Taven had a chance to hit Tommaso with the belt and win the belt in April, but opted not to attain the cheap win. Taven is hell bent on defeating Tommaso fairly, and proving he is the superior athlete. Commissioner Spike Dudley, acting on pressure from Taven's fans, has assigned two referees for their match on June 10th 2011 to ensure Tommaso does not use any underhand tactics this time around to achieve another tainted win.

Newly crowned Interstate Champion Vinny Marseglia will defend his title against former champion "The Maestro" Guy Alexander. Vinny won the title in an Epic 8 Man Ladder Match. "The Maestro" has claimed the victory was a "complete fluke", and he will prove that Vinny is a "1 night chump" when he reclaims his title on June 10th.

"The Prodigy" Mike Bennett will see action when he takes on Scott Reed. Bennett has been embattled in an ongoing feud with former student Matt Magnum. Bennett soundly defeated Magnum at the April 8th  Anniversary event. However, even in defeat, Magnum returned to the ring and blasted Mike with a steel chair. After the vicious attack, Commissioner Spike Dudley declared a 3 month cooling off period between the 2 wrestlers. However, Magnum has stated he is not done with Mike Bennett and will not rest until he defeats his teacher. Magnum feels that Bennett played favorites during wrestling training and never gave Magnum the proper acknowledgment. Now Magnum wants nothing more than to prove to Mike Bennett that he never needed him, and will succeed without him. Matt Magnum will also be in action when he takes on ½ of the tag team The Social Networkerz, Lukas Sharp.The other half of The Social Networkerz tag team, Shane Alden, will also see one on one competition on June 10th. Shane and his brother Eric Alden will finally face off in the squared circle. Eric has been going through a transition as of late and has completely disowned his brother Shane. Close friends and family have stated that Eric Alden has been going through some mental stresses that have caused a complete breakdown. Unfortunately, Shane has had to take the brunt of Eric's new outlook on life. Shane has said he's going to "beat the sanity back into Eric."

All these matches, plus Top Rope Promotions stars Gino Giovanni, The Freakshow, Jason Blade and Marshall McNeil will all see action on the June 10th mega event. Tickets are available by visiting or calling 508-525-1866. Don't miss out on this great night of professional wrestling action.


"Top Rope Promotions has been holding family oriented wrestling shows for 30 years now, and on our 30th Anniversary event, we brought in one of the biggest names in pro wrestling, Scott Hall (aka Razor Ramon).

We drew a packed house and a good majority of them were there to see Hall. Hall and his people down in FL had all claimed he was clean and good to go. His flight and hotel were pre paid, and his appearance fee was demanded upon arrival at the airport (which he asked for within 3 min of being picked up).

Hall had arrived in a wheel chair with 3 bottles of prescription pills in his posession. Hall had performed an interview with our local newspaper The Herald News around 6 PM on Thursday night, saying how much he was looking forward to coming to the show, and how he was clean. Less then 24 hrs later, he showed up in the state he was in, demanding his appearance fee. Right off the bat, we were in a bad situation.

Having Hall at the building, already pre paid with his appearance fee, hotel, flight, etc. He even harassed my driver in the process. Hall was persistent to appear on the show. His heart was in the right place, unfortunately I can't say the same about his mind or his body.

Throughout the night he made threats to numerous members of my staff, as well as myself demanding more money, demanding to go to the ring when he wanted to etc. He was also threatening to kill me if I "screwed" him over. I'm 31 years old and I should be in no circumstances, babysitting someone in there 50's.

Hall made at best, an embarrassing performance in the ring and for the fans who came to see him, trashing matches that were on the show before him and addressing the crowd as if we were in England.

Neither Hall, nor anyone who helped line up the date, or any of his close friends or agents have called to apologize or offer a refund for his "less then stellar" appearance. He showed his true colors and who he was this past Friday night. If he's upset that we're airing a stream of this atrocious appearance, maybe he should issue an apology to the fans, the promotion, and the workers of the company. One would only assume that no one that night got what they paid for, myself included."

30th Anniversary RESULTS - Fall River, MA

Commissioner Spike Dudley opened the show and thanked all of the 500 fans that packed the building on Friday Night. Spike talked about his last 5 years with Top Rope and how Top Rope took him in after his time with the WWE and its how TRP is his home away from home.
- Johnny Angel defeated Colin Delaney. This was Johnny Angel's retirement match. Johnny leaves behind 15 years with Top Rope Promotions.
- In a match not filmed for iPPV, "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett pinned Matt Magnum
- The Freakshow beat The Social Networkerz after the 7 Foot Tall Collosous chokeslammed Lukas Sharp through a table outside the ring.
- Scotty Too Hotty pinned "The Ladies Man" Gregory Edwards (w/ Sky King) in a very competitive match.
- Barbie defeated Amber in a womens match.
- Justin Credible w/ Scott Hall beat Gino Giovanni in an impromptu match.
- TRP Heavyweight Champion Tommaso Ciampa beat Matt Taven in a competitive bout. A rematch has been signed for june 10th!
- Vinny Marseglia captured the Interstate Championship in an 8 Man Ladder Match featuring Scott Reed, Grayson Alexander, Scott Reed, Jay Freddie, Isys Ephex, Jason Blade and Eric Alden.


Top Rope Promotions and proudly announce TRP's first Internet Pay Per View. "The Anniversary" 30th Anniversary Mega Event will stream online on Sunday April 10th @ 8pm and can only be seen on for only $9.99!

The only way to get autographs and pictures with Scott Hall, Scotty Too Hottie, Spike Dudley, Ox Baker, Colin Delaney and all your favorite TRP wrestlers, is to be there live and in person on Friday night April 8th @ the PAL Hall in Fall RIver, MA!

However, if you can not make Friday nights event, or if you want to relive the experience, check out for more information.

For those in attedance, be sure to bring your signs and cheer on your fan favorites. Maybe you'll get your sign and face on the iPPV!

This iPPV event is only $9.99 and will contain EXCLUSIVE backstage content, that you won't be able to see anywhere Friday Night!

Thank you for supporting our first iPPV and for 30 years of dedication from our fans, wrestlers & crew!


Scott Hall, Scotty Tott Hotty, Ox Baker, Colin Delaney and Spike Dudley have all be signed to appear at this years "Anniverary" event on April 8th in Fall River! Stay tuned to our facebook for match announcement as well as more wrestlers being addded to this mega event! Just visit for the latest news and videos!


Bout listings for the Spindle City Rumble event have been posted on the events page! Come witness the winner of this years rumble become NEW TRP Heavyweight Champion! Tickets will be available at the door, which open at 6:15!


Top Rope Promotions Teams up with Dragon Gate USA for a Huge Show Friday October 29th, Doors open at 6 PM, with the Pre Show starting at 6:30 PM featuring a TON of TRP Stars...

"H20" Ryan Waters vs. Vinny Marseglia
Scott Reed & "Maestro" Guy Alexander vs. "Devils Reject" Brandon Webb & Matt Taven
FRAY! (wrestlers enter the ring every 2 minutes, eliminations can take place at anytime, last man left is the winner) Tommaso Ciampa, Shane Alden, Sami Callihan, Cheech, more to be added!!!
The Main show begins at 8 PM with...

Open The Freedom Gate Title
BxB Hulk defends vs. Shingo

CIMA & Genki Horiguchi vs. YAMATO & Akira Tozawa

I Quit Match
Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jon Moxley

Giant Tag Team Attraction
Brodie Lee & Akebono vs. The Osirian Portal

Dream Match - Non-Title
Open The Dream Gate Champion Masato Yoshino vs. Austin Aries

Also featuring-Homicide-Ricochet-Johnny Gargano-Chuck Taylor-Arik Cannonon

Tickets are available locally at Ultra Tan on 96 South Main St in Fall River or by calling 508-525-1866, starting at noon today.

Purchase a General Admission Ticket prior to the show for $20 and receive a Free Ringside Ticket Upgrade*upgraded day of the show* for the GA ticket Price of only $20....and YES you do get early access and will be able to catch the bonus matches...This ticket upgrade is exclusive to TRP, only valid on Tickets purchased by calling 508-525-1866 or in person at Ultra Tan, as a special Thank you to the TRP Fans for your support.

3rd Row Ringside Tickets are available for only $30 and

2nd Row Ringside Tickets are available for only $40 and include a free -Free "Independent Tour De Force" DVD

All ticket purchased though TRP include early admission for the bonus matches, as well as the meet and Greet, and Collectible ticket....don't delay a miss a once in a lifetime opportunity to catch the Stars of Japan's Dragon Gate, along side with your TRP Favorites.

CALL NOW 508-525-1866


- Fan favorite Matt Taven wins the 2010 Kowalski Cup! Read the results here.
- Photos courstey of CJ Coons can be found here.

OCTOBER 8th - Kowalski Cup 2010 - FULL CARD UPDATE!

- All 8 man have been announced for the tournament! The events page has all of the bouts listed for this years tournament on October 8th!

OCTOBER 8th - Kowalski Cup 2010 - Fall River, MA

- The first four participant sin this years Kowalski Cup have been announced!
Tommaso Ciampa, Matt
Taven, Vinny Marseglia and "Brutal" Bob Evans will all be taking part in this years tournament.
- Wrestling Legend Ox Baker and former WWE World Heavyweigh t& Tag Team Champion The Iron Sheik will also be making an appearance at this years event!
- Spike Dudley's retirement from Top Rope Promotions & professional wreslting will also be taking place on Oct. 8th! Don't imiss this historic event!


- Open Tryouts will be held at the PAL Hall on June 29th @ 7pm. For more info call 508-525-1866

RESULTS from June 4th 2010

Photos by CJ Coons -

- TRP Interstate Champion Isys Ephex defeated "Brutal" Bob Evans.
- Jason Blade announced that due to a shoulder injury, he would be unable to compete against Mike Bennett & J. Freddie for the heavyweight title, but acknowledged the fans had paid so to see a three way and a replacement had been made.
- TRP Tag Team Champion The Midnight Prowler pinned Shane Alden w/ his feet on the ropes.
- Awesome Kong defeated Mistress Belmont (w/ Sean Gorman) in a wild match that had fans on their feet!
- Big Daddy Bravo won an Interstate Title Contender's gauntlent match. Participants included: Johnny Angel, Buck Nasty, Eric Alden & Freightrain.
- Matt Taven & Jim "The Anvil Neidhart" defeated The Prestige (R. Waters & M.Magnum) w/ Sean Gorman after a "Heart Attack".
- The undefeated Tommaso Ciampa issued another "Project Ciampa" open challenge, which was accepted by "Heartthrob" Romeo Roselli. Roselli tapped out, after a back and forth battle, causing Ciampa to win by submission.
- In what many are calling a surprise victory, Vinny Marseglia pinned Scott Reed (w/ Sean Gorman) with a small package.
- J. Freddie defeated "Epic" Mike Bennett & Spike Dudley to become the new heavyweight champion. During the match Spike turned on the fans of TRP and walked out on the match after hitting both participants with a chair.


Photos Courtesy of

Events Page has been updated.

Check out the TRP lobby photos on facebook and tag yourself today!

Top Rope Promotions "The Anniversary" - Friday night 4/9/10 - SOLD OUT CROWD @ Police Athletic League Hall in Fall River, Massachusetts

1. The Alden Brothers & Heavenly Johnny Angel defeated Demolition Ax & Tag Team Champions The Midnight Prowlers. After the match, the Prowlers turned on the WWE legend, but Ax fought back, and laid them both out with a double clothesline.

2. Tommaso Ciampa defeated Spike Dudley in an Open Challenge match. Spike entered the ring by diving from the balcony onto Tommaso. Both men brawled all over the place, but Tommaso was able to apply a Boston Crab-esque submission hold on Spike. A bloodied Spike seemed to pass out from the pain.

3. Luscious Latasha defeated Mistress Belmont in a grudge match.

4. Big Daddy Bravo destroyed Marco Macc.

5. Jake "The Snake" Roberts (with Damien) defeated Brutal Bob Evans (with the debuting Marshall McNeil).

6. Jason Blade defeated Interstate Champion Isys Ephex, Matt Taven, and Vinnie Marseglia in the four-way Gold Rush Ladder Match. Jason was able to grab hold of the gold briefcase hanging above the ring...and he earned two championship opportunities anytime in 2010.

7. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake & Freightrain defeated The Prestige ("H20" Ryan Waters & Matt Magnum). After the match, Ryan got a haircut from Brutus after the sleeper hold...while Matt was squashed by an off-the-top-rope splash from Freightrain.

8. "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet defeated Buck Nasty. After the match, Buck attacked Brian the referee in a fit of rage. Brian had to be carried out.

9. Heavyweight Champion "The Epic" Mike Bennett vs. Spindle City Rumble winner J. Freddie ended with neither man retaining or winning the championship. Originally, Zac the referee was accidentally knocked out after Freddie was able to break away from a submission hold. After that, Bennett tried to knock out Freddie with a chair, but The Guy stopped him and threw the chair down. The Guy then slammed Freddie on the chair with a facebuster. Tony ran in to count the pin against Freddie, but he was able to kick out. Bennett went to hit Freddie with the chair again, but Freddie superkicked the chair into Bennett's face. Freddie then pinned Bennett after a flying headbutt. During the celebration, Jason Blade appears, with the Gold Rush briefcase, to congraulate Freddie on the win...but Blade knocks out Freddie with the briefcase. Blade told the referee he was cashing in his championship opportunity. Tony made the three count..and Blade parades around with the belt. Zac the referee woke up and took the belt away from Blade. A disagreement between the officials was broken up by TRP owner Steve Ricard. Ricard then determined the championship be held up. A three way dance to determine a new champion will take place on June 4 in Fall River.

TRP Fan Cam video of the end of the Heavyweight Championship match can be found on Youtube via this link:


Open Challenge: Issued By To


- VIP Tickets for the April 9th event have sold out! Ringside Tickets are also going fast! Get your tickets @ Ultra Tan - 96 South Main St. Fall River, MA or call 508-525-1866! Tickets are also available on this website, by using PayPal.


Open Challenge: Issued By Tommaso Ciampa
As of late, Top Rope Promotions has gone through a rigorous renovation project as of late called Project Ciampa, and its master architect has all the tools necessary to get the job done.

Tommaso Ciampa has been a man on a mission with his eyes focused on the TRP Heavyweight Championship and with that goal in mind has been virtually unstoppable. He has single-handedly eliminated Jimmy Preston from active competition…he was the last man standing in his encounter with Jason Blade last January, and one-by-one, Ciampa is systematically picking apart the TRP roster and now has issued an open challenge to anyone to face him on April 9.

Very few competitors can match up with Tommaso Ciampa…and his resume speaks for itself; after all, the 24-year-old ring technician from Boston, Massachusetts, was formally trained by the late, great hall of famer Walter “Killer” Kowalski and received additional training from Al Snow and former seven-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race…and it was with that training as well as inner personal motivation that led him to sign with Ohio Valley Wrestling, WWE’s developmental territory in 2007. Ironically, it was after his release from his contract with OVW & WWE, which since then, has elevated his status to become one of the top independent prospects not just in the northeast, but in the country.

Not only has been featured on Ring Of Honor live events on several occasions, but Last October, he was invited to participate in ECWA’s Super 8 Tournament, one of the top independent wrestling events in the country, advancing to the tournament final. This five-year pro is certainly making the most of this opportunity, making his mark outside of the ring as well, by being featured in several well-known magazine publications, including Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine.

No matter how impressive his credentials may be, his competitive nature inside the ring is definitely second-to-none and at the P.A.L. Hall in Fall River, Tommaso Ciampa will be waiting for someone bold and brave enough to answer his open challenge…the question is, will anyone come forward and accept the challenge, and if so, who will it be?

Return Of Spike Dudley
On Friday, April 9, it will be just over five months since we have seen Spike Dudley...where has he been? The last time he appeared at a Top Rope Promotions event, he derailed Matt Taven’s path to the TRP Interstate Championship and walked out of the Six Man Ladder Match last November at “Autumn Ambush”. Since then, he has been in virtual seclusion…his last major public appearance was last month’s “TNA iMPACT!” where he teamed up with Team 3D in a Six Man Tag Team Match to battle the Nasty Boys and their manager Jimmy Hart.
Wrestling’s one and original “giant killer” is scheduled to appear, but will he do so? If he does, will he explain his recent actions?

Returns Of Big Daddy Bravo & “Gorgeous” Gino Giovanni
Last February, Fall River’s Police Athletic League Hall laid witness to the returns of Big Daddy Bravo & “Gorgeous” Gino Giovanni to Top Rope Promotions. Both men entered the Spindle City Rumble and each made immediate impacts; Bravo was a force upon entry, eliminating both Alden Brothers as well as Freightrain, the same individual that took the TRP Interstate Championship from him over two years ago, in a Triple Threat Match that also involved “G3”. Speaking of Giovanni, he also became someone to be reckoned with and with the assistance of a steel chair, laid out everyone in sight and then, surprisingly, eliminated himself from the match.
Now that these two are back in Top Rope Promotions, what will their intentions be and who will they target?

Special Attraction:
“Brutal” Bob Evans (with Marshall McNeil) vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts
This year’s “Anniversary” event will feature a one-on-one matchup between two squared circle veterans as “Brutal” Bob Evans will square off against Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

“The Anniversary” is indeed a special event for Top Rope Promotions and when you speak of special events, Jake Roberts has had his fair share over the course of his in-ring career. A true innovator, “The Snake” invented one of the most simple, yet devastating maneuvers in wrestling history, the DDT, and has used it to put away many an opponent and the list of the men that have suffered the DDT are a who’s who including “Ravishing” Rick Rude, recent inductee into the WWE Hall Of Fame “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase and “The Model” Rick Martel and he looks to add one “Brutal” Bob Evans to that list.

However, Roberts’ opponent, “Brutal” Bob Evans, will be looking on April 9 to make “The Anniversary” his special moment, and by defeating Jake Roberts will cement that moment in stone. Evans, proven by his track record, will certainly give “The Snake” a run for his money; he is certainly no slouch as he has showcased his talents not only in a “Monday Night RAW” dark match in 2002, but more recently, was featured on Ring Of Honor’s Live Events.

Professional Wrestling, above anything else is a numbers game, a game of odds. For Bob Evans, he will not be coming alone as he will be accompanied by his new manager, Marshall McNeil, who will be making his Top Rope Promotions debut on April 9 and one who has proven that he’s not afraid to get himself physically involved in his clients’ matches…for Jake Roberts and the fans of Fall River at the P.A.L., the odds look to be heavily in his favor when he will bring the presence of a nine-foot python to be in his corner!

For one man, he will have his hand raised in victory…for the other, the intense sting of a wounding defeat that may never fully heal. Who will get snake bit in Fall River on April 9?

Fatal Four Way Gold Rush Ladder Match:
TRP Interstate Champion Isys Ephex vs. Jason Blade vs. Matt Taven vs. Vinny Marseglia
Four of the sport’s rising talents will be featured in a match where the winner not only will walk out of “The Anniversary” with limitless opportunity, but more importantly, bragging rights as TRP Interstate Champion Isys Ephex, Jason Blade, Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia do battle in a Fatal Four Way Gold Rush Ladder Match.

The rules are simple: the Gold Rush briefcase will be suspended above the ring and the first competitor that ascends the ladder and obtains the briefcase will have the opportunity to receive two title shots for any TRP Championship, anytime he chooses in 2010.

For Isys Ephex, he comes into “The Anniversary” on April 9 as the reigning Interstate Champion by defeating Buck Nasty in February and even though the gold will not be at stake, he comes into this match with momentum and history on his side by not only winning the first-ever Gold Rush Ladder Match last year, but also successfully cashed it in last February to become Interstate Champion.

Fan-favorite and former Ring Of Honor standout Jason Blade returns on April 9 to Top Rope Promotions after being out of action for over two months after injuries sustained in his grueling Last Man Standing Match with Tommaso Ciampa. One that’s never afraid to risk everything and put his body, health and career on the line, this former FIP Tag Team Champion looks to get back on his winning ways, closer to championship gold and a win in this match will do just that.

Three. That is the number of times that Matt Taven, in Fall River, has had opportunities either championship contention or championship gold, and on those occasions, his efforts were abruptly and wrongfully cut short; beginning last November at the hands of the now-returning Spike Dudley, Buck Nasty, who intentionally got himself counted out of their match-up back in January, and in February, suffering a crucial defeat at the hands of Scott Reed…and two of the three contests were Interstate Championship matches. Nonetheless, with his talent, ability and natural charisma, Taven remains one of the top competitors and fan-favorites in the promotion today, and by earning a victory in this match on April 9, Matt Taven will be one step closer to becoming not just one of the top talents, but the top talent in Top Rope Promotions.

When you talk about youth in this matchup, one of the names that come to mind is Vinny Marseglia. As the frequent tag team partner of former TRP Heavyweight Champion “Heavenly” Johnny Angel, Marseglia has shown tremendous improvement since bursting on the scene here in Top Rope Promotions and this recent student of “The Lock Up” could certainly become a breakout star if he can obtain the Gold Rush briefcase on April 9.

Four top athletes…one briefcase…two title shots…one golden opportunity.
Who will be the one seize it at “The Anniversary”?

Ax of Demolition
The Ax comes crashing down on the PAL Hall as Ax of Demolition will see action as part of TRP’s “The Anniversary 2010” on April 9! As part of Demolition, Ax was a powerful force inside the squared circle and not only competed in three WrestleManias but also became a three-time co-holder of the WWF Tag Team Championship.
Who will be leaving Fall River in a Demolition Daze?

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake
“Wrestlin’, cuttin’ and struttin” is the lifestyle of one Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake as he returns to TRP and “The Anniversary” on April 9. As a matter of fact, this will not be the first “Anniversary” that he has been a part of…ever since Top Rope Promotions’ official rebirth in 2006, Brutus has been one of the few that have participated in every yearly event and this years’ event will mark his fifth; other accolades include a reign as WWF Tag Team Champion, 9 WrestleMania appearances and many, many haircuts over his three-decade plus career.
In Fall River, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake will no doubt be wrestlin’ and struttin’…just who will receive a cuttin’?

Grudge Match:
Luscious Latasha vs. Mistress Belmont
The hottest female feud in Top Rope Promotions today is between a pair of competitors that just plain do not like each other…Luscious Latasha and Mistress Belmont.

These two women have been battling it out since last summer and as recently as last February in Franklin with Belmont gaining the victory.

Now, this rivalry shifts to Fall River’s P.A.L. Hall as these femme fatales will fight it out one more time, at Top Rope Promotions’ biggest event of the year, “The Anniversary” on April 9.

Top Rope Promotions Heavyweight Championship:
J. Freddie vs. Top Rope Promotions Heavyweight Champion “The Epic” Mike Bennett
By virtue of winning February’s Spindle City Rumble, J. Freddie has earned the opportunity on April 9 to challenge “The Epic” Mike Bennett for his coveted Top Rope Promotions Heavyweight Championship…however, this will not be the first time that these two competitors have faced off against one another.

At the last two TRP Live Events in Franklin, Massachusetts, J. Freddie has pushed TRP’s “Epic” Heavyweight Champion to the limit and has come close on both occasions to realizing his goal in becoming champion, but unfortunately fell victim to two controversial decisions at the hands of Mike Bennett. Nonetheless, despite those setbacks, the native from Syracuse, NY has shown tremendous determination, heart and perseverance to become a true underdog to all Top Rope Promotions fans.

Meanwhile, “The Epic” Mike Bennett, since defeating Steven Richards on April 4 of last year to become champion, has had a dominating and record-setting reign, gaining pinfall victories over former two-time TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Awesome Kong as well as current TNA Superstar Mr. Anderson and former WWE Superstar Colin Delaney. No doubt Bennett has beaten the best that the sport has to offer, but it was J. Freddie that made the champ backtrack in their heated confrontation at the P.A.L. over two months ago that possibly saw a prelude of things to come with Freddie holding the championship belt high in the center of the ring.

It all comes down to this; the time for talking is over and after April 9th’s “Anniversary”, will “The Epic” Mike Bennett celebrate his one-year anniversary still holding the gold or will J. Freddie walk out of the P.A.L. Hall as the new Heavyweight Champion and make Bennett’s “epic” championship reign bite the dust?

- The event scheduled for April 2nd in New Bedford, MA has been rescheduled for a date TBA this May. We apologize for any inconvenience. The card for our return to

- Just added to the 2010 Spindle City Rumble show on Feb 5th in Fall River.... Matt Taven vs. Scott Reed (w/ Sean Gorman) for the first time ever! Also, Amber makes her return to TRP Friday night, to substitute for Mistress Belmont. Amber will go one one one with Luscious Latasha and Barbie will be the guest referee! Belmont is scheduled to return to TRP on both Feb. 12 & 21 events!
- Jason Blade
has recently notified TRP officials that he will be unable to compete on all Feb. TRP events, due to injuries sustained in his Last Man Standing bout with Tommaso Ciampa on Jan 1st.
- The Guy will also be sidelined this weekend with a back injury.
- Interstate Champion Buck Nasty has also stated he has signed an open contract for Feb 5th and is feeling very confident after his 3 recent victories. Buck's now stands at 3 wins -876 losses.
- Several wrestlers have asked to take part in this years rumble, it should be very interesting to see what surprises are in store for this years event.
- Also, in a special attraction bout, Adams' own Marc Tetlow has names his partner for the event on Feb. 6th.The Paranormal Rock Star Dustin Pari ( teams up with tetlow to take on Big Daddy Bravo & Nacho Libre's Carlos Roselas! Also, special referee John Zaffis (helped create the movie A Haunting in CT) will be wearing the stripes to make sure there is no foul play! Don't miss these paranormal appearances in Adams, MA on Feb 6th!
- Two new dvd's are now available at all TRP events - TRP Wildest Matches vol. 1 and Ring Wars vol. 1!

- Todays show in Adams, MA has been cancelled due to snow. It has been rescheduled for Feb. 6th!

- Top Rope Promotions will be returning with monthly events in New Bedford, MA starting in 2010!

- Roster Page has been updated.

- Events Page Has Been updated.

- CJ Coons' photos from the Nov. 6th event are now available @

- Mike Kaz's photos are now up @ ... 657610693/

- Top Rope Promotions Results from Friday night 11-6-09 in Fall River, MA.

1. The Guy defeated Vinnie Nero.

2. Isys Ephex defeated Scott Reed (with "The Manager of Champions" Sean

3. The Alden Brothers & Heavenly Johnny Angel defeated Tag Team Champions The
Midnight Prowlers & Brutal Bob Evans.

4. Lea Morrison defeated Nikki Valentine with her feet on the ropes.

5. Buck Nasty survived a six-way ladder match over Spike Dudley, Matt Taven,
"The Ladies Man" Gregory Edwards, "H20" Ryan Waters, and J. Freddie to become
the new Interstate Champion. Buck goes down in history as the 99th Interstate

6. In a two-out-of-three-falls match, Jason Blade vs. Tomasso Ciampa ended in
a draw when both men were counted out of the ring during the third fall.
After the match, both men continued to fight in the ring, in the balcony, and
anywhere else they could. It took several referees, wrestlers, and announcers
to break up the fracas.

7. Power Hungry ("Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet & Freightrain) defeated Matt
Magnum & "The Manliest Man" Biff Busick.

8. "The Epic" Mike Bennett defeated former WWE superstar "Mr. Kennedy" Ken
Anderson to retain the Heavyweight Championship.

Upcoming scheduled TRP events:

November 21, 2009--Elks Lodge in Franklin, Massachusetts
January 1, 2010--Police Athletic League Hall in Fall River, Massachusetts

- Congratulations go out to TRP Heavyweight Champion "Epic" Mike Bennett, who wrestled Kip James at the TNA Impact tapings last night. Bennett is scheduled to face former WWE Raw & Smackdown Star "Mr. Kennedy" Ken Anderson on Nov. 6th! Everyone here at TRP would like to congratulate our champion on what could be a major footstep in his career!

- Events page has been updated.


1. The Guy defeated Buck Nasty.

2. Matt Taven & Jimmy Preston defeated The Red Devil Fight Team (Mikhail Ivanov & Alexander Checkov).

3. Tomasso Ciampa vs. Jason Blade ended in a time limit draw.

4. "H20" Ryan Waters defeated J. Freddie.

5. "The Epic" Mike Bennett defeated Gold Rush Ladder Match winner Isys Ephex to retain the Heavyweight Championship. Isys was cashing in his golden ticket briefcase for his championship opportunity. Before the match, Mike tried to talk Isys out of the match and wanted him to save his chance for any championship for a later date. Isys felt he was ready and will be the next Heavyweight Champion. However, Mike would prevail in this match. Isys left the ring to some cheers from the Fall River fans.

6. The Midnight Prowlers defeated The Alden Brothers (Shane & Eric) in a No
Disqualification match to retain the Tag Team Championship.

7. Spike Dudley defeated Brutal Bob Evans in a steel cage match. Johnny Anger was the special referee. After the match, Bob and Johnny got into yet another fight...which left Johnny laying flat. When he was able to get his act together, his old "Heavenly Johnny Angel" theme began the delight of the Fall River crowd.

During the show, it was announced the Interstate Championship has been vacated...since B.K. Jordan has not defended the belt in quite some time. A four-way ladder match is scheduled for November 6's event in Fall River to determine a new Interstate Champion.

Photos Courtesy of


1. The Guy defeated Scott Reed.

2. "H20" Ryan Waters (with "The Manager of Champions" Sean Gorman) defeated J. Freddie.

3. Luscious Latasha defeated Lea Morrison.

4. Tomasso Ciampa defeated Jimmy Preston.

5. Spike Dudley defeated Brutal Bob Evans (with Johnny Anger) after Johnny punched Bob in the face...and Spike rolled up Bob for the pin. Spike and Bob will battle again on September 18 in Fall River inside a steel cage.

6. Jason Blade defeated 2009 Gold Rush winner Isys Ephex (with "The Manager of Champions" Sean Gorman).

7. "The Devil's Reject" Brandon Webb vs. Buck Nasty vs. Julian Starr ended in a no contest when The Midnight Prowlers interfered. The Alden Brothers then ran out to save the day...which led into the next match.

8. The Midnight Prowlers scored a major upset over The Alden Brothers (Shane & Eric) to win the Tag Team Championship...after a steel chain was used as a weapon. The Alden's over-year-long reign as champions came to an abrupt end. Both teams will face each other on September 18 in Fall River in a No Disqualification match, with the championship on the line.

9. "The Epic" Mike Bennett defeated Matt Taven in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match to retain the Heavyweight Championship. The referee was knocked out and Matt grabbed the belt from above the ring...but the match did not end, because there was no referee. Mike was able to knock Matt out and grab the belt...and the referee woke up to find Mike with the belt in hand.


The full event line up for August 30th has been listed on the EVENTS page! Come see the best wrestlers in New England, on Sunday afternoon in New Bedford, MA for a special outdoor event! All the titles will be defended and there will be a special barbeque as well! Tickets are now available by calling 508-525-1866 & at the door the day of the event! The event will be held indoors if the weathern is an issue.

AUGUST 1st RESULTS - Fall River, MA

1. Luscious Latasha defeated Mistress Belmont (with "The Manager of Champions" Sean Gorman).

2. The Guy defeated Brutal Bob Evans (with Johnny Anger). After the match, Bob yelled at Johnny for not attacking Guy. Johnny reluctantly apologized.

3. Buddy Romano vs. Buck Nasty ended in a no contest after The Midnight Prowler interfered and beat them both up.

4. Stevie Richards defeated Scott Reed (wth "The Manager of Champions" Sean Gorman).

5. Jimmy Preston defeated Johnny Anger (with Brutal Bob Evans). After the match, Jimmy was attacked by Bob...then Bob and Johnny got into an argument after Johnny refused to join in the attack...and Johnny wound up punching Bob in the face. Johnny "apologized" to Bob in a very sarcastic way for punching him.

6. Tag Team Champions The Alden Brother & J. Freddie defeated The Stroke & Isys Ephex in a Fall River Street Fight.


TRP will be hosting a training seminar with former WCW/ECW/WWE and current TNA Wrestler Stevie Richards, this Saturday Aug. 1st in Fall River, MA from 2pm-5pm. The seminar is open to all wrestlers in the area, at the very low cost of only $15! Plenty of time to make it to any event later that evening!

For more info or to reserve a spot, please call 508-525-1866



- Events page has been updated. New bouts have been signed for our event on August 1st. This event will be held at the Creative Auction Center, due to the fact they have Ice Cold Air Conditioning.
- There will be a special wrestling seminar with former WWE/WCW/ECW & current TNA wrestler Stevie Richards taking place on Saturday afternoon, August 1st in Fall River, MA. The cost of the seminar is minimal and anyone interested can call 508-525-1866 for more info!
- Look for a major announcement regarding Summer Showdown 5, taking place on Sept. 11th oin Fall River,MA!
- New video(s) will be available on youtube this week

JUNE 19th RESULTS - Fall River, MA - PAL HALL

1. Jimmy Preston defeated "H20" Ryan Waters (with "The Manager of Champions" Sean Gorman).

2. Mistress Belmont & Lea Morrison defeated Luscious Latasha & Barbie. Belmont pinned Latasha with feet on the ropes.

3. The Alden Brothers (Shane & Eric) defeated Andy Sweet & Lukas Sharp to retain the Tag Team Championship.

4. Freight Train, "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet, & Sabotage defeated Johnny Anger, "The Perfect Gentleman" Jason Static, & Buck Nasty. Freight Train pinned Buck after a splash off the top rope.

Intermission for Polaroids with The Alden Brothers.

5. Isys Ephex (with "The Manager of Champions" Sean Gorman) defeated Frankie Arion. After the match, both wrestlers shook hands in a show of respect.

6. The Guy defeated "The Bollywood Badboy" Jalil Patel in a dance-off competition. Jalil came to the ring, putting down everyone in Fall River, and saying how great of an actor, singer, and dancer he is. The Guy came out to challenge him to a dance competition. The fans' cheering clearly stated that Guy was the better dancer. While Guy was celebrating, Jalil hit Guy from behind with a low blow.

7. Jason Blade & Matt Taven defeated Everyone's Number One Superstars (Heavyweight Champion "The Epic" Mike Bennett & Interstate Champion B.K. Jordan). The match started out with Matt being by himself, because Jason was no where to be found. Mike and B.K. claimed that Jason had car trouble. Mike and B.K. wanted Matt to forfeit the match, but Matt refused. The match started out as a two-on-one handicap match...then Jimmy Preston came out to join Matt in the match. Jimmy wound up being the center of the attack, hitting him with a chair several times when the referee was knocked out. By that time, Jason Blade appeared and Jimmy was carried out. Jason wound up cleaning house of both Mike and B.K. and evenutally scored the pinfall victory.


- Congrats to Lock Up Student and TRP wrestling rookie sensation Matt Taven, on his recent article in this month Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

- Taven teams up with Jason Blade to take on Heavyweight Champion Mike Bennett 7 Interstate Champion BK Jordan , this Friday, June 19th in Fall River, MA!

- Events page has been listed with bouts for the event!
Just signed: 2009 Gold Rush Winner Isys Ephex vs. Frankie Arion!


Submitted May 16th, 2009
Top Rope Promotions
Saturday night 5/16/09
Masonic Lodge
North Adams, Massachusetts

1. "The Best Body in the Business" Jason Static defeated The Guy.

2. Buck Nasty, "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet, & Luscious Latasha defeated Freight Train, Jimmy Preston, & Barbie in a six-person intergender tag team match.

3. The Crazy Mexican & Mark Tetlow defeated The Skull & Jason Axe.

4. In a battle of former ECW superstars, Stevie Richards defeated Spike Dudley. During the match, Spike found a kid at ringside with a "Go Spike Dudley" sign. Spike gave the fan his t-shirt...then Stevie attacked Spike from behind. After the match, Stevie apologized to Spike for his cheating ways and both shook hands.

5. Tag Team Champions The Alden Brothers (Shane & Eric) survived a three-way ladder match over The Now (Vic Delicious & Hale Collins) and The Midnight Riders to retain the championship.

6. Matt Taven & John Pitroff defeated Isys Ephex & Ryan Waters (with Sean Gorman). This was John's first professional match. John is North Adams native and a student at TRP's wrestling school, The Lock Up.

7. In an intergender match, TNA Wrestling Knockout Awesome Kong defeated Heavyweight Champion "The Epic" Mike Bennett by disqualification due to outside interference.

Submitted May 16th, 2009
Top Rope Promotions--2009 Kowalski Cup Tournament
Friday night 5/15/09
Police Athletic League Hall
Fall River, Massachusetts

The event opens with a welcome by the returning "The Adorable" Gene Joseph, who runs down the scheduled events for the evening...including a match with two TNA Wrestling Knockouts.

1. First Round Tournament Match: Stevie Richards defeated Isys Ephex (with Sean Gorman).

2. First Round Tournament Match: Big Daddy Bravo vs. Johnny Anger (with Brutal Bob Evans) ended in a double disqualification when an outside-the-ring brawl between Brutal Bob and Spike Dudley wound up inside the ring. Big Daddy and Johnny got involved, trying to defend their respective partners, and the referee had no choice to stop the match. Since Big Daddy and Johnny were both eliminated from the tournament, Stevie Richards automatically recieved a semi-final bye. Also, Brutal Bob and Spike are suspended from the PAL Hall for next month's event.

3. First Round Tournament Match: 2007 Kowalski Cup Champion, current Interstate Champion and the self-proclaimed "Number One Superstar" B.K. Jordan defeated "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet.

Former Killer Kowalski student Roxxi presented an award to fellow former Kowalski student Freight Train for his years of service to wrestling and dedication to the life and memory of their teacher and mentor.

4. First Round Tournament Match: 2008 Kowalski Cup Champion Jason Blade defeated Ryan Waters (with Sean Gorman).

5. The Now (Vic Delicious & Hale Collins) defeated Jimmy Preston & Jason Axe. The Now appeared with the Tag Team Championship belts, that they stole away from The Alden Brothers back in March. The Now claimed they are the real champions, and can't wait for a match with Shane & Eric to prove that point.

6. Semi-final Tournament Match: In a battle of two former tournament winners, Jason Blade (with Matt Taven) defeated Interstate Champion and self-proclaimed "Number One Superstar" B.K. Jordan (with Heavyweight Champion "The Epic" Mike Bennett).

7. In a special TNA Knockouts match, former TNA Knockout Champion Awesome Kong defeated Roxxi.

8. Heavyweight Champion "The Epic" Mike Bennett defeated Matt Taven in a non-title match.

9. Tournament Final: In a match that lasted almost 20 minutes, Stevie Richards defeated Jason Blade to win the 2009 Kowalski Cup Tournament. After the match, Stevie admitted he cheated several times to win, and said that Jason was the better competitor in the match. Both shook hands and congratulated each other for a hard-fought battle.

TRP is scheduled to return to the PAL Hall on Friday, June 19...for Tag Team Warfare.

Submitted May 5th, 2009
Events page has been updated with full card listings for both May 15th in Fall River, MA & May 16th in North Adams, MA!

Submitted April 5th, 2009
04/04/09 - Bellingham Memorial Middle School in Bellingham, Massachusetts

Ring Announcer: Shawn O'Vincent
Referees: Rich Bass, Zac Carter, and Brian B.

- "Straight Edge" Brian Fury defeated Isys Ephex (w/ Sean Gorman)
- TRP Tag Team Champions The Alden Brothers (Shane & Eric) defeated Jim Tanner & Ryan Waters.
- "Mass Appeal" Jay Jailley pinned Max Moon after a top rope elbow drop.
- Luscious Latasha & Barbie defeated lea Morrison & Mistres Belmont after Latasha gave Lea a superplex.
- "Epic" Mike Bennett defeated TRP Champion Stevie Richards to win the TRP Heavyweight Title.
- Spike Dudley & The Guy defeated BK Jordan & Johnny Anger
- Freightrain pinned Buck nasty after a top rope splash.
- Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake defeated Big Daddy Bravo, after a leg drop.

- Photos of the event are available here. Special thanks to Christine Coons.

Submitted March 23rd, 2009
- The Fall River Herald News recently conducted an interview with "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and posted videos from our 28th Anniversary event as well. You can read the interview and watch the videos, by clicking here. Special thanks to Greg Sullivan.
- Events Page has been updated.
- Rentals Page has been updated.
- Photos Page has been updated.
- Video page has been updated.

Submitted March 21st, 2009
Top Rope Promotions "The Anniversary" March 20th 2009 @ Police Athletic League Hall in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Ring Announcer: Shawn O'Vincent
Referees: Rich Bass, Zac Carter, and Brian Ballin

A near sell-out crowd of almost 400 fans witnessed TRP's 28th Anniversary spectacular!!

1. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake defeated Duke Bronson with The Sleeper. After the match, Brutus gave Duke a haircut using the hedge clippers.

2. Ryan Waters (with "The Manager of Champions" Sean Gorman" defeated The Guy with a rollup and holding the trunks.

3. Matt Taven scored a major upset over Interstate Champion the self-proclaimed "Number One Superstar" B.K. Jordan. Earlier on, B.K. came out to complain that he didn't have a scheduled match, so he put out an Open Challenge. Matt Taven answered the challenge and scored the pin. Afterwards, a very upset B.K. said he never signed any contract to defend the championship. Therefore, Matt won the match, but not the championship.

4. Eric Alden and Shane Alden battled to a no contest, after The Now (Hale Collins & Vick Delicious) interfered. The Now definitely made their presence known in TRP, by savagely beating up the Tag Team Champions. It seems The Now have a quest to beat the Aldens for their championship...and they will have that chance on May 15 in Fall River.

5. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan & "Kidd USA" Jay Jaillet defeated "The Lebanese Prince" Jalil Salaam & "The Ladies Man" Gregory Edwards...when Hacksaw pinned Jalil after the Three Point Stance clothesline.

6. In a match that lasted almost 25 mintues, Isys Ephex won the first-ever Gold Rush Ladder Match defeating Jason Blade, Frankie Arion, and "Straight Edge" Brian Fury. This match featured a golden briefcase hanging high above the ring...containing two Golden Tickets...good for two championship matches anytime in 2009. All four men battled their hearts out for the chance to possibly become champions in TRP, and the crowd was very happy with their efforts.

7. Freight Train defeated Buck Nasty (with "The Manager of Champions" Sean Gorman) in 16 seconds. Before the match, Sean introduces Michael Sain. It seemed that Michael was joining forces with Gorman's clan. When Sean asked Michael to oil up Buck's chest, Michael took out both Buck and Sean...allowing Freight Train to hit Buck with the Big Splash.

8. Johnny Anger defeated Spike Dudley in Tables Match..when none other than Brutal Bob Evans interfered and slammed Spike through a table. After the match, Bob went on a huge tangent, about how he and Johnny have hated TRP for Bob spending thousands of dollars trying to put a rival promotion out of business (it clearly didn't work and never will). Simply, Bob was just being an angry person. At this point, it seems Bob and Johnny have joined forces to "invade" TRP, and take out everyone in their path. After that, Big Daddy Bravo appeared for the first time in several months, after suffering a leg injury. Big Daddy came out to back up Spike, saying he won't allow people like Brutal Bob to come into the PAL and try to tear down a house he built. I'm sure this war is far from over. We'll see what happens on April 10 in New Bedford...when Spike and Big Daddy battle Johnny and Brutal Bob in a Tag Team Tables Match!

Before the main event, Heavyweight Champion "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards appeared on the video screen. He said that he had to surrender the championship, because of his signed committment with another promotion, that has him traveling all over the world. He was sorry he had to make the decision, but it was best for him and the company that he give up the championship. He also said that there was a no better match to have the belt on the line than Stevie Richards vs. "The Epic" Mike Bennett...that lead up to the Main Event.

9. In a hard-fought battle, Stevie Richards defeated "The Epic" Mike Bennett to become the NEW Heavyweight Champion!

Submitted March 11th, 2009
- Look for a special interview with Hacksaw Jim Duggan in next weeks Fall River Herald News, as well as an article next Friday in the New Bedford Standard Times. Links to both articles will be posted here. Also, a special thank you to 103.7 Sports Radio, who has been covering our 28th Anniversary Event as well.

Submitted March 4th, 2009
- Rumors are everywhere that TRP Heavyweight Champion "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards has just signed a 2 year contract with an international wrestling promotion. We are very proud of our champion, and Edwards has stated that he will issue a statement on March 20th, in Fall River, regarding his future in Top Rope Promotions and his reign as champion.

Submitted March 3rd, 2009
- TRP Officials have just signed the first ever "Gold Rush Match", to take place on March 20th at The Anniversary in Fall River, MA. The Gold Rush is a new tradition we plan on having each year at the 28th anniversary event, and it is a 4-Way ladder match for a briefcase above the ring that contains two golden tickets. The tickets can be used for two title shots of the winners choosing, anytime in 2009! The 2009 Gold Rush will feature Jason Blade vs. Isys Ephex (w/ Sean Gorman) vs. Frankie Arion vs. "Straight Edge" Brian Fury

- Brand new TRP merchandise was ordered this weekend! Expect all new t-shirts and hoodies at The Anniversary event, as well as our website at the end of March!

Submitted March 1st, 2009

Feb. 27th, 2009 - @ C.A. Center in New Bedford, MA

Officials: Rich Bass, Brian B. & Trevor Cabral
Announcer: Shawn Vincent

- "Straight Edge" Brian Fury pinned Jason Axe after a neck breaker.
- Johnny Anger defeated Jay Jaillet, while holding onto the ropes.
- Duke Bronson defeated Matt Taven with running lariat clothesline.
- TRP Tag Champs The Alden Brothers defeated Mike Bennet & Ryan Waters after Eric Alden pinned Waters.
- TNA Knockout Roxxi defeated lea Morrison (w/ Sean Gorman)
- Buck nasty (w/ Sean Gorman) lost to Freightrain in less than one minute, after an airplane spin.
- 2009 W.C. Rumble winner, The Guy lost to BK Jordan after interference from Mike Bennett.
- Jason Blade pinned Timmy Aight
- Isys Ephex defeated Spike Dudley in a Dog Collar match, after Johnny Anger interfered.

Feb. 28th, 2009 - Franklin, MA @ Elks Lodge
Officials: Rich Bass, Brian B. & Zach Carter
Announcer: Shawn Vincent

- Freightrain pinned Jason Axe after a banzai bomb.
- Mike Bennett defeated The Guy, in a Grudge Match.
- Johnny Anger pinned "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet
- Carlos Roselas pinned La Parka Dos, after a moonsault.
- The Alden Bros. defeated Duke Bronson & Isys Ephex (w/ Sean Gorman)
- Lea Morrison defeated barbie in a NO DQ Match, with her feet on the ropes.
- Ryan Waters (w/ Sean Gorman) was defeated by hometown wrestler Jared Gaw
- Jason Blade (sub. for Frankie Arion) defeated TRP Interstate Champion BK Jordan in a Brass Knuckles Match, but after the match, BK informed TRP senior official Rich Bass that he had singed a contract to defend the title against Frankie Arion, and not Jason Blade. Bk was then given back his Interstate Title.

Submitted February 13th, 2009

The video page has been updated with several videos including:
- 2009 Whaling City Rumble Winner, The Guy comments on his Interstate Title match with BK Jordan on Feb. 27th in New Bedford, MA
- Spike Dudley responds to Johnny Anger's "apology"
- 2009 Spindle City Rumble Winner, Shane Alden vs. TRP Heavyweight Champion, "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards, and the altercation after the match , as well as comments from Edwards.
- "Lebanese Prince" Jalil Salaam has signed to returned to Top Rope Promotions at our huge 28th Anniversary Event on March 20th in Fall River, MA!
-Wrestling legend Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake has just been added to the already stacked mega event on March 20th, featuring Current WWE Star Hacksaw Jim Duggan, ECW Original and WWE Star Stevie Richards and Spike Dudley taking on Johnny Anger in a Tables Match!

Submitted February 11th, 2009

There is footage now online of Johnny Angel's "apology" to the fans of TRP and Spike Dudley. You can now view the video on Johnny & Spike Dudley are scheduled to compete against each other at our 28th Anniversary Event, LIVE at the PAL Hall in Fall River, MA on Friday March 20th. Tickets go on sale at Ultra Tan or by calling 508 525 1866 this friday!  

Submitted February 8th, 2009
2/7/09 Creative Auction Center - Fall River, Massachusetts

Ring Announcer: Shawn O'Vincent
Referees: Rich Bass and Brian B.

1. "Straight Edge" Brian Fury defeated Matt Spectro with a neckbreaker.

2. In a two-out-of-three-falls match, Jason Blade defeated Isys Ephex two falls to one.

"Heavenly" Johnny Angel comes out to apologize for his actions during last month's Spindle City Rumble, where he attacked Spike Dudley for no reason at all. Johnny invited Spike to the ring to apologize and to try to make amends. Instead, Johnny attacked Spike again...this time, slamming Spike through a table. Johnny claimed he's been screwed by the referees and everyone else involved with TRP since he has been unable to win the Heavyweight Championship. Johnny said he will now be known as Johnny Anger. Johnny also viciously attacked Brian B. the referee, hitting him with a powerbomb.

3. "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet defeated J. Freddie Charlesbois by submission.

4. In a hard-fought championship match that lasted almost 20 minutes, "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards defeated Shane Alden by DQ, due to outside interference from Eric Alden. Eddie went after Eric several times during the match. Eric had enough of Eddie's antics, and jumped in the ring...which resulted in Shane being disqualified. After the match, the Aldens got into a heated argument, which led to some pushing and shoving. In anger, Shane challenged his brother to a match for next month's show to see who is the better Alden. If this match does happen, it will be only the second time ever that the Alden Brothers have wrestled each other (the first time was during the 2008 Spindle City Rumble, where the Aldens were the first two in the match).

5. Freightrain & The Guy defeated "The Epic" Mike Bennett & Ryan Waters in an impromptu tag team match. Before the match, Mike tried to get Guy to rejoin their group. The Guy answered by attacking his former friend, which turned into a two-on-one attack. Freight Train ran out to save the day and challenged Mike and Ryan to a match.

6. Matt Taven defeated Buck Nasty (with Sean Gorman) in less than 15 seconds.

7. Alexxis & Barbie defeated Mistress Belmont & Sammi Lane (with Sean Gorman).

8. "The Epic" Mike Bennett (substituting for an injured B.K. Jordan) defeated Frankie Arion in a Brass Knuckles match. Before the match, B.K. came out on crutches, saying he had a knee injury...and was told by his doctor and talent agent that he can't wrestle (B.K. was scheduled to defend the Interstate Championship). Mike Bennett was willing and able to step up to the plate to take the place of his long-time friend.

Upcoming TRP events:

2/27/09: Creative Auction Center, 2277 Purchase St., New Bedford,MA (Isys Ephex vs. Spike Dudley--dog collar match)
2/28/09: Elks Lodge #2136, 1077 Pond St, Franklin, MA
3/20/09': Police Athletic League Hall, 31 Frankin St, Fall River, MA (featuring Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Stevie Richards).
4/3/09: Fort Edward, NY
4/4/09: Bellingham, MA

Submitted January 26th, 2009

Top Rope Promotions is gearing up for a busy February with three big events, kicking off on Saturday the 7th in Fall River, MA. The event in Fall River will be held at a new location, "The Creative Auction Hall" located at 360 Rhode Island Avenue. TRP will return to its usual Fall River home of the Police Athletic League Hall in March.

* TRP Heavyweight Champion "DieHard" Eddie Edwards will make his second title defense on February 7th when he faces current TRP Tag Team Champion Shane Alden. Alden receives this title shot after pulling the upset and winning the annual "Spindle City Rumble" on January 2nd in Fall River. Edwards has continued his torrid pace from 2008 into 2009 and he will be appearing on the next ROH Pay per View Taping this Saturday night in Chicago Ridge, IL. The internationally known Edwards will look to make another statement on February 7th by defeating one half of the tag champs in Fall River.

* TRP officials have finally heard from former TRP Heavyweight Champion Johnny Angel. Angel, who was one of the most popular stars in the companies history, turned his back on the fans of Fall River who have supported him for many years. In a short written statement, Angel said that he will be in Fall River on February 7th and that he will be making a statement. The letter also stated that Angel is to be known from this point on as "Raging Demon" John Angel.

* One person who is eager to run into Angel on February 7th is Spike Dudley. Spike was the victim of Angel's wrath on January 2nd after Angel was eliminated from the "Spindle City Rumble". Angel then jumped Dudley and did heavy damage on the outside, including using the guardrails, a steel chair and even the ring bell. Spike has been very quiet about the entire situation so far but everyone realizes that thing could explode on February 7th when Dudley looks to confront his former friend.

* TRP Interstate Champion BK Jordan will defend his title once again against Frankie Arion. These two have gone back and forth over the past several months and the result has continued to be Jordan doing anything he has to in order to emerge victorious. His ways of winning have included the use of Brass Knuckles. Now, on Febraury 7th, BK Jordan and Frankie Arion will meet one final time for the TRP Interstate Title and this time, the match will be a "Brass Knuckles" match.

* The feud between Jason Blade and Isys Ephex will come to a head on February 7th when the two meet in a 2-out-of-3 falls match. Each competitor holds a win over the other after their first encounter ended in a time-limit draw. Bragging rights will be on the line in Fall River.

* TRP newcomer Matt Taven has impressed in his early TRP matches and he has earned a spot on the roster. Taven, who has been a fan of Jason Blade's work over the past few years, has quickly become a fan favorite in both Fall River and New Bedford.

* TRP returns to New Bedford, MA on Friday, February 27th and makes its return to Franklin, MA on Saturday, February 28th.


Saturday, February 7th
Creative Auction Hall
360 Rhode Island Ave.
Fall River, MA
Doors Open: 6:45
Belltime: 7:30

TRP Tag Team Champion Shane Alden challenges "DieHard" Eddie Edwards

BK Jordan defends against Frankie Arion

Isys Ephex vs. Jason Blade

Also featuring: Spike Dudley, Matt Taven, "Raging Demon" John Angel, TRP Tag Team Champion Eric Alden, Freightrain, The Guy and others

Submitted January 10th, 2009

Top Rope PromotionsPresents: "Whaling City Rumble" - Friday Night 1/9/09
Live @ Creative Auction Hall in New Bedford, Massachusetts

Ring Announcer: Shawn O'Vincent
Referees: Rich Bass, Zac Carter, Trevor Cabral, and Brian Ballin

1. "The Hot Shot" B.K. Jordan pinned Frankie Arion to retain the Interstate Championship. B.K. hit Frankie with brass knuckles to get the win. B.K. and Frankie will battle in a Brass Knuckles Match on February 7 in Fall River with the Interstate Championship on the line.

2. Barbie defeated Luscious Latasha and Lea Morrison in a three way dance.

3. Tag Team Champs The Alden Brothers (Shane & Eric) defeated "The Epic" Mike Bennett & Ryan Waters in a non-title match.

4. Spike Dudley pinned Isys Ephex.

5. The Guy won the Whaling City Rumble (Royal Rumble-style battle royal) to earn a shot at the Interstate Championship on February 27 in New Bedford. The final two contestants were The Guy and his long-time friend and tag team partner, "The Epic" Mike Bennett. Bennett told The Guy to eliminate himself because Bennett is better and has more experience. While Bennett turned his back to brag to the crowd about how good he is, The Guy stepped over the top rope, but didn't hit the floor. The Guy then got back in the ring and tossed Bennett over the top the delight of the New Bedford crowd.
Upcoming scheduled TRP events:

February 7--Creative Auction Hall, 360 Rhode Island Ave. (next to Ocean State Job Lot) in Fall River, MA
February 27--Creative Auction Hall, 2277 Purchase St. in New Bedford, MA
February 28--Franklin Elks Lodge, 1077 Pond St. in Franklin, MA

Submitted January 5th, 2009

- Quick results from Top Rope Promotions event at the PAL Hall in Fall River, MA on Friday, January 2nd:
* In a Triple Threat Match, "The Epic" Mike Bennett defeated "Straight Edge" Brian Fury and Ryan Waters
* Isys Ephex defeated Spike Dudley
* Jason Blade pinned "The Lebanese Prince" Jalil Salaam
* TRP Interstate Champion BK Jordan defeated Frankie Arion to retain the title
* TRP Heavyweight Champion "DieHard" Eddie Edwards beat Johnny Angel to retain the title
* TRP Tag Team Champion Shane Alden outlasted 33 other competitors and won the "Spindle City Rumble". Shane Alden will now get a shot at Eddie Edwards and his TRP Heavyweight Title on Saturday, February 7th at TRP's Fall River return.
Full Detailed results will be posted soon that include a full breakdown of Johnny Angel's sudden change in attitude.

Submitted December 16th, 2008

- Top Rope Promotions will kick off 2009 in a big way with the annual "Spindle City Rumble" on Friday, January 2nd at the Police Athletic League Hall in Fall River, MA. Also on January 2nd, their will be rematches for both the TRP Heavyweight Championship and TRP Intersate Championship. TRP recently lowered ticket prices so be sure to make your plans now to be in attendance for what is sure to be a great start to the New Year for TRP.

*The on-going feud between Isys Ephex and Jason Blade rolls on in TRP. It all began when Ephex decided to make an impact in TRP by attacking Blade after he had challenged for the TRP Heavyweight Championship. In their first matchup, the two men battled to a time-limit draw. Their second encounter saw Ephex get the win, and then on Thanksgiving Eve, Blade evened things up be defeating Ephex. Both men were told to choose a partner for the December 5th event in Fall River. Ephex chose "The Epic" Mike Bennett and Blade chose Spike Dudley. The team of Bennett and Ephex came out on top in the tag team match when Ephex pinned Dudley. Now, both Ephex and Blade have agreed to choose each other's opponent for January 2nd. Blade has chosen Spike Dudley once again and this time he will face Ephex in a singles match. Blade is hoping that Dudley will be able to avenge the loss he suffered in the December tag team match. Ephex has made his choice for Blade's opponent as well and he has chosen "The Lebanese Prince" Jalil Salaam.

* New TRP Heavyweight Champion "DieHard" Eddie Edwards has been heard telling people he is very confident he will retain his newly won title in the rematch on January 2nd. Edwards ended the nearly one year reign of Johnny Angel and Angel will no doubt be looking to come up big and regain the title.

* Frankie Arion has reported that he is about 85% following the vicious attack by BK Jordan on Thanksgiving Eve in New Bedford. The attack on Arion's ankle caused Arion to miss his title shot at Jordan and his TRP Interstate Title on December 5th. Arion has said that not only does he expect to be 100% by January 2nd, but he will be looking for revenge and the gold on January 2nd.

* There has still not been any word from either Gino Giovanni or Big Daddy Bravo since the December 5th event that saw the men battle in a "Last Man Standing" match. Both men battled each other for over six months and the feud took alot out of each.

* The first list of names entered into the "Spindle City Rumble" have been announced and they are:
Jason Blade
"Straight Edge" Brian Fury
"The Lebanese Prince" Jalil Salaam
Ryan Waters with Sean Gorman
Isys Ephex
"The Epic" Mike Bennett
Buck Nasty

The 2009 Spindle City Rumble
Friday, January 2nd
Police Athletic League Hall
31 Franklin Street
Fall River, MA

Doors Open: 6:15
Belltime: 7:00


Rematch for the TRP Heavyweight Championship: Johnny Angel vs. "DieHard" Eddie Edwards (c)

Rematch for the TRP Interstate Championship: Frankie Arion vs. BK Jordan (c)

"Pick An Opponent Match": Isys Ephex vs. Spike Dudley

"Pick An Opponent Match": Jason Blade vs. "The Lebanese Prince" Jalil Salaam

Submitted December 9th, 2008

- Top Rope Promotions heads back into action with a big kick-off to the New Year on Friday, January 2nd at the Police Athletic League Hall in Fall River, MA. Last Friday, December 5th, the TRP Heavyweight Title changed hands as "DieHard" Eddie Edwards continued his torrid 2008 by defeating Johnny Angel to become the new champion. Edwards, a regular with Ring of Honor (ROH), and Pro Wrestling NOAH, ended Angel's nearly one year reign. Angel's rematch clause has already been exercised and that rematch will take place on Friday, January 2nd in Fall River, MA.

* Top Rope Promotions that it has reduced ticket prices starting with the January 2nd event. Everyone knows that times are tough right now and TRP is trying to do its part by cutting ticket prices down. All ticket pricing info can be found on the poster for the event located on the company's website @

* We may have finally seen the end of the bitter feud between Gino Giovanni and Big Daddy Bravo. The war, which has raged on since late May, may have been settled on December 5th as Bravo defeated Giovanni in a Last Man Standing Match. What is next for both of these men after their long, hard battle?

* Sean Gorman has been absent at the last two TRP events in Fall River citing that he was disgusted by the city during his initial visit at the October 3rd event. However, Gorman has let TRP officials know that he will be back in Fall River at the January 2nd event and he will be introducing his next acquisition to Top Rope Promotions.

* Frankie Arion was unable to compete last Friday night in his chance to become the TRP Interstate Champion. Arion had defeated BK Jordan in a non-title match in October, thus earning the title match. However, at TRP's event on Thanksgiving Eve in New Bedford, Arion was brutally attacked by Jordan following his match. Jordan did damage to the ankle of Arion forcing Arion to miss the match last Friday. Arion has assured TRP officials that he will be ready to go and the title match he has been waiting for will take place on January 2nd in Fall River.

* TRP Tag Team Champions The Alden Brothers have been on quite a roll lately, defeating every team that has been put in front of them. TRP officials are looking to bring in some fresh tag teams to strengthen the tag team division. There has also been some rumblings in the locker room that some singles competitors may be looking to find a partner and make a run at the Tag Team Titles.

* The annual "Spindle City Rumble" will take place at the January 2nd event in Fall River. This match has become a yearly occurence in TRP and this year it will feature 31 wrestlers competing to earn a future title shot.

* Not to be outdone by Fall River, the "Whaling City Rumble" will take place at TRP's return to New Bedford, MA the following week on Friday, January 9th.

* Freightrain came to the aid of his opponent last Friday night, Buck Nasty as Nasty was once again being ridiculed by Lea Morrison. Freightrain was seen and heard telling Buck that he does not have to take the abuse from Morrison. It will be interesting to see what, if any of Freightrain's advice Buck Nasty takes. One thing that did come out of the event last Friday is that TRP officials have decided to suspend Lea Morrison for the January 2nd event, citing her repeated interference in matches as of late.

Friday, January 2nd
Police Athletic League Hall
31 Franklin Street
Fall River, MA

Doors Open: 6:15
Belltime: 7:00


A 31-Person Match-"The Spindle City Rumble" with the winner receiving a future title shot

Rematch for the TRP Heavyweight Championship: Johnny Angel challenges "DieHard" Eddie Edwards

Rematch for the TRP Interstate Championship: Frankie Arion challenges BK Jordan

More matches and Rumble participants to be announced soon!

Submitted December 7th, 2008

- The Roster page has been updated.
- Events page has been updated

Submitted December 6th, 2008

Top Rope Promotions
Friday night 12/5/08
Police Athletic League Hall
Fall River, Massachusetts

Ring Announcer: Shawn O'Vincent
Referees: Rich Bass, Trevor Cabral, and Brian Ballin

The event opened with a ten-bell salute in memory of the late "Mofo" Steve Bradley, who passed away suddenly earlier this week.

1. Interstate Champ B.K. Jordan defeated "White Lion" Jim Tanner in a non-title match.

2. Freight Train (aka Santa Train...dressed in a Santa Claus coat and hat) pinned Buck Nasty (with Lea Morrison).

3. Ryan Waters beat Matt Taven.

4. Tag Team Champs The Alden Brothers (Shane & Eric) beat The Guy & Scott Levesque in a non-title match.

5. Isys Ephex & "The Epic" Mike Bennett defeated Jason Blade & Spike Dudley.

6. "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards pinned "Heavenly" Johnny Angel to become the new Heavyweight Champion.

7. Big Daddy Bravo beat Gino Giovanni in a Last Man Standing match...that included brawling all over the PAL Hall. In the end, both men were down, but Big Daddy was able to get to his feet before the ten count.

- A brand new episode of Top Rope Wrestling is available in 6 parts onyoutube, by going to:

Submitted November 8th, 2008

Top Rope Promotions
Friday night 11/7/08
Police Athletic League Hall
Fall River, Massachusetts

Ring Announcer: Shawn O'Vincent
Referees: Rich Bass, Zac Carter, and Trevor Cabral

1. Buck Nasty won a battle royal to determine a challenger for the Heavyweight Championship later in the show. Other participants included Ryan Waters, Interstate Champ B.K. Jordan, "The Dynasty" Beau Douglas, Frankie Arion, Handsome B. Wonderful, The Bonecrusher, Craig Jameson, "The Epic" Mike Bennett, Tag Team Champs The Alden Brothers (Shane & Eric), The Guy, Isys Ephex, Heavyweight Champ "Heavenly" Johnny Angel, and Jason Blade. Gino Giovanni and Big Daddy Bravo were not part of this battle royal, because TRP officials wanted to keep them apart before their No Disqualification match. If Johnny Angel had won the battle royal, he would not have defended the championship tonight.

2. Spike Dudley pinned "The Dynasty" Beau Douglas.

3. Freight Train defeated Ryan Waters by countout. Ryan intentionally got himself counted out, because he was frustrated at Freight Train's humorous antics throughout the match. Before the match, Ryan said his new manager Sean Gorman was so disgusted with the Fall River crowd last month, he couldn't come back this time. However, it seems Gorman is out scouting for new talent to bring to TRP.

4. Interstate Champ B.K. Jordan beat Frankie Arion to retain the championship. A rematch has already been signed for December 5 in Fall River.

5. Tag Team Champs The Alden Brothers (Shane & Eric) defeated The Guy & "The Epic" Mike Bennett to retain the championship.

6. In a rematch from last month, Isys Ephex scored a major upset over 2008 Kowalski Cup Winner Jason Blade.

7. Heavyweight Champ "Heavenly" Johnny Angel pinned Buck Nasty (with Lea Morrison) to retain the championship. Throughout the match, Lea spent alot of time screaming and yelling at Buck. Later on, the referee was knocked out, and Lea decided to interfere. She ran into the ring with the championship belt, and demanded that Buck hit Johnny with it. Buck refused, and during their shouting match, Johnny rolled Buck up for the pin. After the match, Lea continued to scream at Buck, and once again slapping him in the face. Several faithful Fall River fans told Buck that he did not need her around anymore.

8. Gino Giovanni defeated Big Daddy Bravo by submission in a No Disqualification match. Both men wasted no time in brawling all over the PAL Hall...using numerous steel chairs and whatever else they could find as weapons. Gino wound up putting a plastic bag over Bravo's head, and choking him into submission with a steel chain. Three referees had to break up the fracas. When Bravo got himself together, he challenged Gino to a Last Man Standing match for December 5...and Gino accepted.

Upcoming TRP events:

Saturday 11/15: Elks Lodge in Franklin, MA
Saturday 11/22: Saint John's Gym in Clinton, MA
Wednesday 11/26: the former Lee's Golden Dragon Restaurant in New Bedford, MA
Friday 11/28: Adams-Turners Hall (aka Turn Hall) in Adams, MA
Friday 12/5: Police Athletic League Hall in Fall River, MA

- Events page has been updated.

- Videos have been added to our youtube page, including our television show Top Rope Wrestling, which will now be vailable each month online!

Submitted October 6th, 2008

Top Rope Promotions returned to its home at the Police Athletic League Hall in Fall River, MA on Friday, October 3rd. All of the TRP Champions were in action, although none of their titles were on the line as TRP officials had informed the champions that they would not have to defend their titles at the event, while not knowing who they would face that night.

In the evening's opening bout, TRP Heavyweight Champion Johnny Angel defeated Scott Levesque in a non-title match.

Ryan Waters, who is a former TRP Tag Team Champion, was in the ring next for a singles match with Vain. Following his introduction, Waters told the crowd that he wants to be taken seriously and is looking for singles gold in TRP. Waters stated that he found someone to help him with his goals and he then introduced his new manager Sean Gorman. Waters and Vain battled for nearly eleven minutes with Waters gaining the submission win with a Fujiwara armbar

The new TRP Interstate Champion BK Jordan was up next as he faced the very popular Frankie Arion in a non-title match. Frankie has quickly become a fan favorite with the Fall River fans and he did not disappoint as he picked up the upset win over Jordan. With this victory, Arion will now receive a shot at the TRP Interstate title at the next TRP event in Fall River on November 7th.

Up next was a mixed tag match with Buck Nasty teaming with Lea Morrison against the team of Spike Dudley and Taeler. Over the past several months, the alliance between Nasty and Morrison has been a very strained one. Buck has been on a losing streak and Lea has not been very supportive, even slapping Buck Nasty following his last three matches and leaving him in the ring. Throughout the match, a female fan sitting at ringside was in full support of Buck. During the match, the miscommunication between Nasty and Morrison continued, and in the end, Taeler pinned Buck after connecting with a kick meant for Morrison. After the loss, Lea once again berated Buck and slapped him once again. While leaving ringside, Morrison got into a verbal confrontation with the Buck Nasty fan at ringside. After about twenty seconds of screaming at each other, the fan shoved Morrison who went directly into the steel ring post back first. Security quickly hit the scene and removed the fan from the building as a stunned Morrison looked on

TRP Tag Team Champions The Alden Brothers were up next, facing the odd team of Scott Reed and The Kreeper in a non-title match. Before and during the match, The Kreeper was acting like a friend of The Aldens which of course bothered his partner Reed. The Aldens picked up the win by pinning The Kreeper

It was now time for the Special Attraction Match between The Guy and Bushwhacker Luke Williams. The Guy was accompanied by "The Epic" Mike Bennett at ringside and he immediately caught the attention of Luke. As Luke went for a DDT on The Guy, Bennett blatantly interfered causing a disqualification, and they followed with a beatdown on Luke. Luke then called for the microphone after gathering himself and he said he prefers tag team wrestling and he said he would get a partner to face The Guy and Mike Bennett later in the night. Bennett and The Guy agreed and the match was made for the Main Event

Following intermission, Luscious Latasha pinned Sammi Lane in a Bonus Women's Match

At "Summer Showdown" on August 29th, Jason Blade challenged Johnny Angel for the TRP Heavyweight Championship. After the grueling match which saw Blade defeated by Angel, Blade was attacked by Isys Ephex who came through the crowd. While standing over a prone Blade after the attack, Ephex stated that he was now in TRP to stay and he wanted to start with the big guns, one of which was Blade. So, the match was made and it took place here on October 3rd. The match was a back and forth battle as Blade was looking for revenge, while Ephex was looking to pick up a huge win over one of TRP's key players. The match went to the full fifteen minute time limit and it was officially ruled a draw. TRP officials are hoping sign a rematch between the two as soon as possible

Since the May 30th event in Fall River, the war between Gino Giovanni and Big Daddy Bravo has been getting uglier and uglier. Sneak attacks with chairs and brawl after brawl have taken place. At "Summer Showdown", the two men met in a singles match that ended with Bravo being disqualified for not breaking by the count of five while unloading on Giovanni in the corner. Because of that finish, TRP officials signed a rematch to be contested with "Relaxed Rules" which basically gave the referee discretion. Once again, the two unloaded on each other, and then finally unloaded on the referee causing a no-contest. Bravo then challenged Giovanni to a no disqualification match on November 7th, and Giovanni accepted.

In the night's Main Event, The Guy and Mike Bennett made their way to the ring. Then, the familiar theme song hit and Bushwhacker Luke Williams came out for the tag match, however he was alone. Then, the PAL Hall fans went wild as the theme music of Freightrain hit as he was chosen by Luke to be his partner. This back and forth tag match ended when Luke and Freightrain used the battering ram on both men, finally pinning The Guy.

As noted earlier, TRP returns to the PAL Hall in Fall River, MA on Friday, November 7th.

Already signed for November 7th:

Gino Giovanni vs. Big Daddy Bravo in a No DQ Match

Frankie Arion challenges BK Jordan for the TRP Interstate Title

Also appearing: Jason Blade, "The Epic" Mike Bennett, Isys Ephex, TRP Heavyweight Champion Johnny Angel, TRP Tag Team Champions The Alden Brothers and many more to be announced.
Submitted September 22nd, 2008

TTop Rope Promotions is set to return to its home base at the Police Athletic League Hall in Fall River, MA on Friday, October 3rd. Appearing on October 3rd as a special attraction will be "Bushwhacker" Luke Williams.

Submitted Septemeber 19th, 2008

We are currently in the process of moving our office, so we apologize for the lack of updates. Our television show will resume in October & we will be having up to date episodes, as well as exclusive video, and an updated roster page, on the website as well. Also, new TRP merchandise is currently being made and will be available at all of our Fall events.
The Events page has been updated.

Submitted August 29th, 2008

Top Rope Promotions returns to the Police Athletic League Hall in
Fall River tonight, August 29th, for "Summer Showdown IV". Two TRP
titles will be on the line, as well as a Kowalski Cup rematch and the bitter feud between Gino Giovanni and Big Daddy Bravo.

For the TRP Heavyweight Championship:
2008 Kowalski Cup Winner Jason Blade challenges Johnny Angel

For the TRP Interstate Championship:
BK Jordan challenges Freightrain

Grudge Match:
"G3" Gino Giovanni vs. Big Daddy Bravo

Kowalski Cup Tournament Rematch:
"The Epic" Mike Bennett vs. "Straight Edge" Brian Fury

Making his in-ring Fall River return, Spike Dudley vs. The Guy

Challenge Match:
Ryan Waters vs. Frankie Arion

Also featuring a six-person tag team match!!

Top Rope Promotions presents:


Friday, August 29th
Police Athletic League Hall
31 Franklin Street
Fall River, MA

Doors Open: 6:15 PM
Belltime: 7:00 PM

Submitted August 15th, 2008

Top Rope Promotions and The Lock up wrestling school will be holding a special open tryout, on Tuesday Sep 2nd at 6 PM. The tryout is open both to wrestlers with partial training, as well as those with no experience at all. Anyone intereted should email or call 508-525-1866 for further info. The Lockup is run by Matt Hyson (Spike Dudley) and he will be brining his 15+ years of experience to train you to be the best that you can be! Matt is very excited about the new fall class and hopes that anyone who has interest, reserves a spot today.

Submitted July 19th, 2008

Top Rope Promotions returned to the Police Athletic League Hall on Friday for "Fan Appreciation Night". A loud and enthusiastic crowd was present as new TRP Tag Team Champions were crowned.

Full results of the event were:

* Frankie Arion made a strong showing by defeating TRP veteran The Kreeper

* In a mixed tag team match, Vain & Taeler defeated the team of Buck
Nasty & Lea Morrison. After the match, Lea verbally berated Buck for losing yet another match and before she left the ring, she slapped Nasty in the face

* Next was the "Freightrain Eating Contest" where Freightrain challenged anyone to face off against him in an Oreo eating contest. "The Strangler" Alex Payne took the challenge. Just as they were about to begin the competition, Freightrain announced that he had obtained the services of a special guest judge who turned out to be Spike Dudley, making his PAL Hall return. Throughout the competition, Payne was cheating as continually caught by Dudley. Frustrated, Payne clobbered Spike and he was then stopped by Freightrain. What followed next was an utter embarassment to Alex Payne and the full video of the Eating Competition will be available soon at

* "The Lebanese Prince" Jalil Salaam came out to tell everyone that his arch rival Jay Jaillett was not going to be there tonight. Salaam challenged anyone to face him and suddenly the music of Big Daddy Bravo rang througout the PAL Hall. Bravo stated that he had continued to look for Gino Giovanni who had clobbered him from behind with a steel chair over the past two months. Bravo said that since he could not find Giovanni, he wanted to fight someone and he accepted Salaam's challenge. Big Daddy earned the victory quickly by overpowering Salaam. After the match, Bravo once again called for Giovanni to come out and face him as he looked under the ring where Giovanni was hiding in June. As he looked under one of the sides, Giovanni appeared with a chair in hand and he went to nail Bravo from behind for the third straight month. However, Bravo caught Giovanni this time and cut him off. After a very brief physical altercation, Gino Giovanni left the ring, smirking and saying their battle would be on his terms

* In a match for the TRP Heavyweight Championship, BK Jordan challenged "Heavenly" Johnny Angel. The champion retained the title, battling through a bad knee and a hard fought challenge from Jordan

* In the Main Event, The Alden Brothers finally realized their destiny as they defeated their longtime rivals The Stroke in a Steel Cage match to become the new TRP Tag Team Champions. The Stroke gained an early advantage by locking one of The Aldens out of the cage. However, in the end, The Aldens overcame more adversity and emerged victorious

Top Rope Promotions returns to the PAL Hall in Fall River on Friday, August 29th for "Summer Showdown IV". Already announced for 8/29:

* 2008 Kowalski Cup Winner Jason Blade will challenge Johnny Angel for the TRP Heavyweight Championship

* "G3" Gino Giovanni and Big Daddy Bravo will finally square off face-to-face in a one-on-one matchup

* Spike Dudley will make his Fall River in-ring wrestling return!

* "The Strangler" Alex Payne will look for revenge when he challenges Freightrain for the TRP Interstate Championship

Also in action: "Straight Edge" Brian Fury, Frankie Arion, new Tag Champs The Alden Brothers, BK Jordan, Jalil Salaam, "The Epic" Mike Bennett and more to be announced!

Submitted July 15th, 2008

Juan "The Party Man" King, who wrestled for many years with Yankee Pro Wrestling and other organizations throughout his career, passed away over this past weekend. Below is information found on the New Bedford Standard Times web site. A fan favorite in the New Bedford and Fall River area for almost an entire decade, Juan King will leave behind not only many fans, but friends and family as well. We would like to pass along our condolences to Juan's Family and friends at this time.

Pugh: of New Bedford, Saturday, July 12, 2008, Juan E. "King," 51. Husband of Frances Curley Pugh. A calling hour will be from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Thursday, with a service at 10:30, at the PERRY FUNERAL HOME, 111 Dartmouth St., New Bedford. Burial will be in Rural Cemetery.

Submitted July 14th, 2008

Results of this years Whaling City Festival can now be found on our results page. Read who made their debut and also made theor return to TRP at last weekends events in New Bedford!
The road to this years annual Summer Showdown event is quite busy, new events have been added to the events page!

Submitted July 10th, 2008

Just wanted to pass along some time changes:
Friday @ 5:00pm
Saturday @ 3:00pm
Saturday @ 6:30pm
Sunday @ 12:30pm
Sunday @ 4:00pm

Also some updates:
Former NYWC Heavyweight Champion Dickie Rodz will make his TRP return on Sat. @ 3pm and both sunday events!

TRP Heavyweight Champion Johnny Angel will be appearing at the 6:30 pm event on Saturday!

Spike Dudley will also be making his return to TRP on this weekend's events as well.

Submitted June 19th, 2008

Top Rope Promotions is pleased to announce that New England competitor and Kowalski student DC Dillinger will be replacing Antonio Thomas (who will be out due to commitments in Japan) in the 2008 Kowalski Cup.

Also, the first round tournament matches are set and they are as follows:

"The Epic" Mike Bennett (2006 Cup Winner) vs. Frankie Arion

"Straight Edge" Brian Fury vs. DC Dillinger

Jason Blade (FIP Tag Team Champion) vs. "The Exotic" Kristian Frost

BK Jordan (2007 Cup Winner) vs. The Winner of the 6/27 Battle Royal

As previously announced, the Battle Royal will open the event on
June 27th. Also on June 27th, there will be a Women's Tag Team match.

Submitted June 12th, 2008

"The Promise" Antonio Thomas
will be unable to compete at the 2008 Kowalksi Cup as he will be heading over to Japan to compete for All-Japan Pro Wrestling. TRP would like to wish Antonio the best of luck in Japan and we will look forward to "The Promise" returning to Top Rope Promotions in the future.
TRP will be announcing who will replace Thomas in the tournament very soon, along with the first round matches for the 2008 Kowalski Cup.

Submitted June 10th, 2008

Top Rope Wrestling Episode # 3 is now online! Alexander Worthington III and Bobby Cruise call the action!
This month features:
- "Lebanese Prince" Jalil Salaam
- The return of Jay Jaillet
- TRP Title Bout: "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards vs. "Heavenly" Johnny Angel (c)
- A Special Edition of The G-Spot & more!

A streaming version of the episode is now available on our video page!

All episodes of Top Rop Wrestling are going to be hosted on
To watch the entire episode all you need to do is sign up for an account on and install the veoh Tv Player (its free and takes less than 2 minutes) and then you will be able to watch every monthly episode of Top Rope Wrestling, in its entirety!

Heres the link to the video. Its only a 5 minute preview, but after you create an account you can view the entire episode.

Submitted June 4th, 2008

Top Rope Promotions will present the 3rd Annual "Kowalksi Cup" on Friday, June 27th at the Police Athletic League Hall in Fall River, MA.  The Kowalski Cup is an Eight-Man, One- Night Tournament.  The winner of the Cup will receive an automatic title shot at the TRP Heavyweight Championship at a future TRP event. The first seven participants have been announced and are listed below.  As an added twist to this years event, there will be a Battle Royal that will open the event on June 27th.  The winner of the Battle Royal will capture the eighth and final spot in this years tournament.  The winner of the winner of the match will have their work cut out for them as they will not only have to go through the Battle Royal, but also three other matches to win the tournament, all in one night.

The previous winners of the Kowalski Cup were "The Epic" Mike Bennett (2006), and BK Jordan (2007).

This years entrants are:
* Jason Blade (FIP Tag Team Champion)
* "The Promise" Antonio Thomas
* BK Jordan (2007 Kowalski Cup Winner)
* "Straight Edge" Brian Fury
* "The Epic" Mike Bennett (2006 Kowalski Cup Winner)
*  Frankie Arion
*  "The Exotic" Kristian Frost
*  The Winner of the 6/27 Battle Royal

Be sure to check back for updates on entrants of the Battle Royal as well as any other late breaking news on this years tournament!

Submitted June 3rd, 2008

- A brand new episode of Top Rope Wrestling will be airing this week on Comcast Channel 95 in New Bedford and Fall River this week!
The episode will air tonight (tues.) in Fall River at 9pm tommorrow (wed.) in New Bedford at 9pm. In action this month are "Lebanese Prince" Jalil Salaam, the return of Jay Jaillet, a special edition of Gino Giovanni's "G-Spot" and the two out of three falls Heavyweight Title bout bewtween "Heavenly" Johnny Angel and "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards. Also, you will hear from several competitors in this years Kowalski Cup as well. Bobby Cruise and Alexander Worthington III call all of the action this month, on Top Rope Wrestling. Look for the episode online, later this week as well.

- The remaining names in this years Kowalski Cup will be released Wed. June 4th, right here on

Submitted June 2nd, 2008

New Interviews with Mike Bennett, B.K. Jordan & Brian Fury have been added to our video section.Shane Matthews asks each competitior their thoughts, on this years Kowalski Cup, taking place on June 27th.

Submitted June 2ndt, 2008

New Interviews with Mike Bennett, B.K. Jordan & Brian Fury have been added to our video section.Shane Matthews asks each competitior their thoughts, on this years Kowalski Cup, taking place on June 27th.

Submitted May 31st, 2008

As we announced recently, there have been some changes within

Top Rope Promotions that should make things very interesting in the coming months. 
The company has upgraded it's production with new HD-cameras that will be used to shoot all TRP events.  A brand new edition of TRP's television show will debut soon with matches and footage from the
May 30th event.  The show is available on Comcast Access in Fall River
and New Bedford and we will also be uploading all new episodes on the TRP website.
In addition, Top Rope Promotions would like to announce the appointing of Bobby Cruise as the new Talent Coordinator for the company.  Cruise brings fifteen years of experience to the company.  Bobby currently serves as the full-time ring announcer for Ring of Honor.  His experience on the independent scene, in ROH, as well as his multiple tours of Japan and the United Kingdom will be an asset to TRP.  Cruise will handle all of the talent for TRP as well as the booking of shows and he will also assist in the further development of the TRP television show.
This change is also sure to bring some exciting new changes to the TRP roster.  Fans have already seen the arrival of Eddie Edwards and Brian Fury to TRP, and current FIP Tag Team Champion Jason Blade will become a full-time member of the roster beginning with the June 27th event.  More exciting additions are sure to come down the road, while TRP also maintains its core roster that the fans are so familiar with.
Below are some comments from Bobby Cruise regarding his new position with Top Rope Promotions:
"I am excited to be back with Top Rope Promotions.  I announced my first show ever at the PAL Hall in Fall River back in the Spring of 1994 and now things have come full circle in a way.  When I was approached about the talent position with the company, I was eager to accept it.  I have missed the opportunity to work with the New England independent talent over the past few years, and now I will have the chance again.  Hopefully, as a team, we can bring some excitement and great matches to the fans of TRP and beyond with our live events and television show."
Top Rope Promotions thanks you for your support, and if you have not seen a TRP event lately, check us out and give us a chance.  We feel that the changes and additions to the company will give us and you a better overall product and experience.

Submitted May 31st, 2008

- Top Rope Promotions returned to the PAL Hall in Fall River before a loud and enthusisastic crowd. The fans witnessed a Texas Death Match, a First Blood match and a 2 out-of 3 falls Heavyweight Title match as old feuds were put to rest while new ones were born. Also, the first entrants into the 2008 "Kowalski Cup" were announced. Full results of the show were:

The returning Jay Jaillett defeated Buck Nasty

"" Alex Payne & Mikko
defeated Vain & Mr. E

"Lebanese Prince" Jalil Salaam pinned Jim Tanner

"G3" Gino Giovanni hosted an edition of the G-Spot with Big Daddy Bravo interrupting and later being layed out by Giovanni with repeated chair shots

The Stroke retained the TRP Tag Team Titles by defeating The Alden Brotehrs in a Texas Death Match

"Straight Edge" Brian Fury beat 2007 Kowalski Cup Winner BK Jordan

Bryce Andrews defeated longtime partner "The Epic" Mike Bennett in a First Blood Match

"Heavenly" Johnny Angel defeated "Diehard" Eddie Edwards two falls to one to retain the TRP Heavyweight Championship

Top Rope Promotions returns to the PAL Hall in Fall River on Friday, June 27th for Kowalski Cup 2008. Announced for the tournament thus far:

* FIP Tag Team Champion Jason Blade

* Brian Fury

* 2006 Kowalksi Cup Winner "The Epic" Mike Bennett

* 2007 Kowalksi Cup Winner BK Jordan

Submitted May 29th, 2008

- More Kowalski Cup participants have been announced. Fan favorite "Straight Edge" Brian Fury has just been signed to appear on June 27th in Fall River, MA! A multi-time championship holder in New England, Fury hopes to make it past the other 7 competitors in this years Kowalski Cup.

Submitted May 28th, 2008

- Jay Stevens recently conducted an interview with current TRP Heavyweight Champion "Heavenly" Johnny Angel. The interview can be read by clicking here.

Submitted May 27th, 2008

- The first three participants in this years Kowalski Cup have been announced. The first is Jason Blade. Blade a regular in both Ring of Honor and Full Impact Pro, has also worked for the WWE this year and is looking forward to his first appearance in this years Kowalski Cup! The second participant is no stranger to the Kowalski Cup, he is 2006 winner Mike Bennett! Bennett not only won the cup in 2006, but put Romeo Roselli to the limit in 2007, for the first ever U.S. title defense of the N.W.E. heavyweight title (at the time held by Roselli). Bennett also went on to make several appearances for the WWE in 2007 as well. The third man announced is 2007 winner BK Jordan! Jordan not only won the cup in 2007, but went on to make appearances for the WWE in a commercial as well as live on monday night RAW!