05.22.08 - QUICK UPDATE-
- There is a brand new TRP website on the way. The website will feature brand new photos, videos and interviews with your favorite TRP wrestlers as well as columns looking into the past present and future of TRP. Expect the site to be launched on June 3rd! Please thank you for bareing with us until that time.....
- Events pags has been updated.
- Stay tuned for a big announcement that is expected to "shake things up" here in Top Rope Promotions.

- Here are detailed results of last nights event, courtesy of Shawn O'Vincent:

Top Rope Promotions "The Anniversary"
Friday night 3/14/08 - Police Athletic League Hall in Fall River, Massachusetts

Ring Announcer: Shawn O'Vincent
Referees: Tony S. and Zac Carter
Timekeeper: Denver
Top Rope Wrestling commentators: Shane Matthews, "Gorgeous" Gino Giovanni, and Shawn O'Vincent

1. "The Lebanese Prince" Jihad Islamabad over The Kreeper. Jihad was clearly upset at the crowd for chanting "USA! USA! USA!" while he was praying and bowing down to whoever it is that he prays to.

2. Dan Strikes & Mikko scored a major upset over The Metro Men (Beautiful Bryce & Miracle Mike with The Guy). The Guy got involved and wanted a chair to be used as a weapon. This backfired on him and caused Bryce to get pinned after being distracted by The Guy. The Guy was clearly upset at the loss, and said that he is tired of aligning himself with losers. The Guy then introduces "a real winner" in B.K. Jordan. During an exchange of words, and when Miracle Mike seemed to be on Bryce's side, Mike attacked Bryce from behind...with The Guy and B.K. joining in. Bryce wound up taking a vicious chair shot to the head. The Fall River crowd was stunned that the Metro Men have clearly broken up. B.K. then called out his opponent for the next match...Jason Blade.

3. B.K. Jordan over Jason Blade, followed by a post-match attack on Jason by B.K., The Guy, and Miracle Mike.

4. Heavyweight Champ "Heavenly Johnny Angel & WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana over Tag Team Champs The Stroke ("The Ladies Man" Gregory Edwards & "H20" Ryan Waters). This match was originally scheduled as a championship defense for Johnny vs. Tito. About three minutes into the match, The Stroke came out to crash the party...and said they deserved to be on the show...and that both Johnny and Tito were both "washed up." Johnny and Tito then joined forces to face The Stroke...and Johnny and Tito came out victorious. Open mouth and insert foot for The Stroke.

5. Interstate Champ Freight Train & Big Daddy Bravo over "Gorgeous" Gino Giovanni & Alex Payne, when Freight Train pinned Gino. During the match, Freight Train seemed to be busy eating candy and snacks instead of paying attention to the action. After the match, Bravo was upset at Freight Train losing concentration on the match...and turned on him...with Alex Payne joining in the fracas. Both invited Gino to get his shots in, but he declined. But Gino attacked Bravo and Alex instead. Gino wound up "covering up" Freight Train in the end...when Freight was pretty much out of it.

6. Lea Morrison (with Buck Nasty) over Barbie. After the match, Lea and Buck shoot their mouths off, basically saying how great they are, and Spike Dudley comes out to respond. Spike wasn't even in the ring yet when The Guy, Miracle Mike, and B.K. Jordan came out, and attacked Spike from behind. The Guy's clan aligned themselves with Lea and Buck to form an alleged "New Generation" of stars. Spike was left laying in a pool of blood after taking several chair shots to the head.

7. Shane & Eric Alden over Those 80s Guys (Vince Beach & Reed James).

8. WWE Legends "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka & Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake over The Guy, B.K. Jordan, Miracle Mike, Lea Morrison, & Buck Nasty. Originally, the match was supposed to be Beefcake vs. Snuka...but The Guy and the rest of his clan decided to interrupt the match. The Guy claimed it was time to be out with the old and in with the new. The Guy's and his new friends stormed the ring, but Beefcake and Snuka proved too much for this so-called "New Generation." We even saw Snuka do his famous splash...from the middle rope. The referee then declared Snuka and Beefcake the winners!

TRP returns to the PAL Hall on Friday 4/11/08...with a match that has been at least 700 days in the making: Brutus Beefcake vs. Greg Valentine! The Metro Men will also do battle: Miracle Mike vs. Beautiful Bryce!

Other upcoming TRP events: 3/22/08 at Turn Hall in Adams, MA...4/4/08 at Fort Edward High School in Fort Edward, NY (joint show with ADK Wrestling)...4/25/08 at University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth in Dartmouth, MA...4/126/08 at the North End Training Facility in North Oxford, MA...also TRP is scheduled to return to New Bedford, with monthly events, beginning in May!

- A brand new 1 hour episode of Top Rope Wrestling will be airing on Comcast Channel 98 in New Bedford, MA starting tommorow March 12th. The episode will air every Wed. @ 10pm. Check back for more stations to be added. We are working on getting the full episodes on online for everyone to watch really soon! More info and previews can be found on our TV page.
- Speaking of New Bedford, we are pleased to announce that Top Rope Promotions will be bringing live Professional Wrestling back to the Whaling City this spring! Rumor has it, as soon as May! More details are soon to follow, about our long awaited return!

- Fall River's Hearld News recently conducetd an interview with "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, about his career and regarding our March 14th mega-event. The article can be read here .
- Tickets for "The Anniversary" are still available and going fast! You can purchase them online by clicking here, by calling (508) 525-1866 , or by visiting our ticket outlet, every day this week @ Ultra Tan, 96 South Main St. Fall River, MA.

- A brand new 1 hour episode of Top Rope Wrestling will be airing on Comcast Channel 95 in Fall River, MA next week. The episode will air on Tuesdays @ 9pm and Thursdays @ 3:30 pm. More stations all over New England will be added within the next week, as well as a direct link on Stay tuned for more info this weekend! More info and previews can be found on our TV page.

- We would like to make everyone aware of a special benefit lunch going on this Sunday for a special child from Fall River. There iis a young man from Fall River named Zachary Almeida who has gone through a lot in his life. Zach is a 6 year old boy who is terminaly ill, and his family is terribly in debt due to overwhelming medical bills. There wil be a special Meat Pie lunch to benefit the Zachary Almeida Fund, this Sunday in Fall River, MA @ Notre Dame Church Hall from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm on Sunday Feb. 17th. We encourage ALL to attend this event. The donation is just $7.00 and several TRP wrestlers and personalities will be on hand to support this event! ANY questions can be directed to Steve Ricard @ 508-525-1866. Hope to see you there!

02.14.08 - WBCN COMING TO TRP! -
- The Rock of Boston, 104.1 FM WBCN ( will be making an apperance at tomorrows show! They will have plenty of free give aways, T-shirts and much more!

- A preview of the all new TRP Wrestling show is now available by clicking here.
- A special commercial for our March 14th event has been released on youtube. You can view it by clicking here.

- We are pleased to announce, that TRP will be having a brand new television show on Channel 95 on Comcast in Fall River! The show will be starting in March (maybe sooner), and will also soon be on in Rhode Island on Cox Cable as well. Stay tuned for more information on times and other locations to be announced in the coming weeks.
- Jason Blade will not be able to attend our Feb. 15th event, due to flight issues, and will be in Florida a day early for Full Impact Pro on this day. However, Blade will be in attendance on our annual mega event "The Anniversary", on March 14th!
- Our Adams, MA event @ Turn Hall originally scheduled for Feb. 23rd has been moved to March 22nd.
- TRP head trainer Spike Dudley has recently signed a legends figure contract with Jakks Pacific. Details can be read here.

- The self-proclaimed "Exotic One" Kristian Frost, has petitioned the TRP offices for a Heavyweight Title shot, after being the last wrestler eliminated in this years Spindle City Rumble. Frost has claimed he rightfully should have won not only the match but the Title as well. New TRP Heavyweight Champion Johnny Angel stated ”I’m not one to back down from anyone and Frost will be no exception. I will make an example out of him on the 15th of Feb.” Also in action, Interstate Champion Freightrain takes on his best friend and frequent tag team partner " Gorgeous" Gino Giovanni. The Alden Brothers vow to start 2008 off fresh by going after the new champions The Stroke. The Alden Brothers have defeated the Stroke numerous times in 2006 and 2007, and the think that the third time could be a charm in their Tag Team Title hunt.
- After a 15 month hiatus Top Rope Promotions will make its return to Adams, MA with a card featuring Spike Dudley, Killer Kowalski, La Parka , Nacho Libre Star Carlos Rosales. The Main Event has been announced as “The Giant Killer” will take on Big Daddy Bravo. Keep Checking back to the TRP site often for more updates throughout the month.
- The Fall River Police will have a rep. on hand, taking free pictures and fingerprints for their special KIDS I.D. program, before our event on February 15th.
- Special discount Childrens Tickets (Ages 10 & under) will be available at the door for our Feb. 15th event, for only $8.00!

- Happy New Year on behalf of everyone here at Top Rope Promotions. We would like to wish everyone a happy and safe 2008! On with the news. TRP owner Steve Ricard announced at the beginning of this years Spindle City Rumble show that he was stripping both Heavyweight Title Holder Justin Credible and Tag Team Title holders The Metro Men of their titles, for being unable to defend them at the event. A match between The Guy & Beautiful Bryce against The Stroke was held, to decide the winners of the newly vacated Tag Team Titles. The Stroke won the titles after pinning The Guy in a very controvercial fashion.
- The Heavyweight Championship was awarded to "Heavenly" Johnny Angel, after winning the evening's 2008, 31 Man, Spindle City Rumble!
- Pictures of the event are available here, thanks to CJ Coons.
- Roster Page has been updated.

- There will be free hot dogs given out by Freightrain, courtesy of Spike's Hot Dogs (, during our VIP meet and greet session on January 4th. The offical mascot "Spike" the dog will even be at the Spindle City Rumble to help promote the opening of a new Spike's Hot Dog location on Bedford Street in Fall River, MA!
- Events apge has been updated.

Win 2 Free Tickets to the 2008 Spindle City Rumble on Fri. January 4th @ the PAL Hall in Fall River, MA on 31 Franklin St.
In addition to the 31 Man Over the Top Rope Spindle City Rumble, there will also be appearances on the event by WWE Hall of Fame Legend Mr. USA Tony Atlas, former WWE Tag Team Champion Brutus The Barber Beefcake, former ECW & WWE title holder Spike Dudley, and former ECW title holder Justin Credible!
- To win the tickets, all you have to do is make your default picture the poster for the event!
- Every profile that has the poster as their picture will be entered into a drawing and two different people will be picked in a random drawing and announced on Tue. January 1st. The tickets will be available to claim at the door, prior to the event! Good luck, and here is the link to the picture tosave as your defualt myspace pic:

11.15.07 - TRP POST EVENT PARTY NOV. 23rd! -
-There will be a special Post Event after Party @ Brothers Pub on Aetna Street in Fall River, MA on Nov. 23rd, starting at 10:30 pm, The party will go until 2:00 am and will feature drink specials all night long! This a 21+ event, and if you bring your ticket stub to the pub, your first beer or shot is free! Hope to see our friends and fans at this special Black Friday holiday party at Brothers Pub!

-Bouts for our event on Novemeber 23rd have been announce on the events page. WWE Legend Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake makes his TRP return along with Spike Dudley, Justin Credible and all of your favorite TRP wrestlers!
- Also, two wrestlers will be making their TRP debuts on the 23rd. The first is "Italian Soccer Sensation" Furio Falcone and the other is 63 year old " Sports illustrated Legend" Robbie Ellis! See these two make their TRP debuts on Friday November 23rd!

-TRP has been provided with video footage of Freightrain's recent outing's with his new best friend "Gorgeous" Gino Giovanni. Click here to see the footage. Gino agreed to grant Freight 3 wishes, and the first was to hang out with him every day of Octobere, the second wish will be revealed this Friday at the PAL Hall!

10.12.07 - OCTOBER 26th EVENT UPDATES -

-TRP returns to the PAL Hall on 31 Franklin St. in Fall River, MA, live on Friday night October 26th. The annual House Of Horrors match will take place this year again in the Spindle City and will be for the TRP Heavyweight Title! Heavyweight Champion Justin Credible will battle ECW Alumni Spike Dudley in a House of Horrors Match! The House of Horrors match is an anything goes bout, in which the fans bring the weapons! Weapons will be collected at the door prior to the event!
- Rick Fuller is scheduled to make his return to Fall River, Ma on October 26th. While his motives are still unknown Fuller has had a lot to say recently about his recent title loss to Justin Credible, as well as "Ladies Man" Gregory Edwards and his vowed to make his presence felt in Fall River on the 26th!
- "Gorgeous" Gino Giovanni has granted Freightrain's first wish! During a recent edition of the G-Spot, Freightrain told Giovanni that he had 3 wishes, and he revealed the first. Gino must spend 31 days of October with Freightrain! Freightrain has documented the month so far, with video,and will be providing to the site next week! Freightrain plans to reveal his 2nd wish October 26th at the PAL Hall!

- Pics from out Spet 28th event can be viewed here, thanks to CJ Coons!

Raffle tickets are only $50.00 each!!!

-We will be sponsoring a special raffle taking place at the N.E.P. event taking place on Saturday September 22nd in North Oxford, MA. Jay Jaillet will be raffling off his custom 1996 Mustang at the North End Training Facility, during the North End Promotions wrestling event sponsored by T.R.P. Here is the info on the vehicle:
1996 Mustang GT 4.6 Liter , 125.000 Miles, 5 Speed , Custom body kit, hood, spoiler and rims. Brand new custom head and tail lights, Dual exhaust , Brand new clutch , Racing suspension , Cobreau racing seats , KNH air filter , Lambo doors , Custom chameleon paint (purple, black and green).

- Also appearing on the N.E.P. event are TRP wrestlers Johnny Angel, Jay Jaillet, Rick Fuller & Freightrain!
- VIP Tickets for our September 28th show in Fall River, MA are now available at Ultra Tan on 96 South Main st. VIP Tickets include a special meet and greet with ECW Originals Justin Credible, Spike Dudley & the Original Gangsta New Jack! Meet all three with your VIP Ticket @ 5:45 pm!

Everyone here at TRP wanted to say congrats to Jason Blade, Rick Fuller & The Metro Men (Beautiful Bryce & Miracle Mike) on their invitations to the WWE RAW/Heat tapings last night in Boston, MA. Both Fuller & Blade have also been invited to tonights tapings in Albany, NY. All four men will be at Summer Showdown 3, this Friday night at the PAL Hall in Fall River, MA.
Tickets for Fridays event are still available by calling 508 525 1866 or by purchasing at Ultra Tan on 96 South Main St. in Fall River, MA.
- Former WWE Tag Team Champion Scotty "Too Hotty" Taylor, will be making his first appearance in Fall River in 13 years this Friday! A special autograph signing and picture session will be available with both Scotty and Rick Fuller at 5:45pm in the PAL Lobby for VIP Ticket holders.
- TRP Heavyweight Champion Justin Credible has just been signed to appear on Spetember 28th at our PAL Hall event.
- Stay tuned for a major announcement about our September 28th event!

- Former ECW Champion Justin Credible shocked many attendance last night when he defeated TRP Champion Rick Fuller for the heavyweight title. Video from the event will be available this week, and pictures can be found by clicking here, thanks to CJ Coons.
- Results have been updated.
- Events have been updated.

- TRP returns to Fall River, MA this Friday at the PAL Hall on 31 Franklin Street! The Main Event is a major Heavyweight Title defense for champion Rick Fuller as he battles former ECW Champion Justin Credible. Credible is no stranger to Fall River and made his shocking return last month, tickets for this event are available now, by calling 508-525-1866.
- Also , Tag team Champions The Metro Men have issued an open challenge to ANY tag team in America, this Friday! Other bouts and other wrestlers appearing can be found on the events page.
- Check back to several media updates, as well as the first two Episodes of The G-Spot, With Gion Giovanni, some time next week.
- Results have been updated.
- Events have been updated.

- Former ECW Champion Justin Credible has a message for Heavyweight Champion Rick Fuller. Click here to watch! Credibloe has come back to TRP after a 14 year absence with his mind on gold!
- Results have been updated.
- Events have been updated.

- TRP makes its return to Fall River, MA this Friday night with an action packed card. Making his return to the PAL after a 15 year abscence will be noe other than former ECW Champion Justin Credible! Credible will be taking on the young hot sensation Joe Chece in their first ever singles match! Also, the main event has been signed with Heavyweight Champion Rick Fuller taking on 2007 Kowalski Cup Winner BK Jordan in a No Disqualification bout! Fuller is fed up with Jordan's cheating ways and has vowed to even the score by making this match have no disqualifications! Also on this night of Extreme action, Womnas Wrestling legend Luna Vachon will batlle The Ladies Man Gregory Edwards in a Falls Count Anywhere Bout! ALso, things willget real extreme when the controversial one himself Gino Giovanni debuts his new Interview Show this Friday ngiht! Giovanni has not told us who his guest is, rather that he'd prefer it be a surprise for what he calls "scum city" this friday! Tickets are available now by calling 508-525-1866 or at the door on the night of the event!
- Media page has been updated with pics from June 9th in Springfield, MA with Chrsity Hemme, Brutus Beefcake, Abyss & Romeo!

- TRP makes its return to Springfield, MA, this Saturday June 9th with an action packed event, to benefit The Republican Newspaper's "Guys Night Out" program. Signed to appear is TNA Knockout and Playboy Playmate Christy Hemme, TNA Superstar "The Monster" Abyss, TNA Superstar Brother Runt, WWF Legend Brutus"The Barber" Beefcake, TV Star Doink The Clown & former WWE wrestler "Heartthrob" Romeo Roselli!
- Also, TRP will be helping out with the Bean Benefit, scheduled to take place on Sunday June 10th at 4pm. Several TRP stars have signed to appear including Brother Runt, Rick Fuller, Gregory Edwards, Johnny Angel, Vain & more! Check out for all of the info on that event.
- Events page updated.
- Reults page updated.


- "Hot Shot" BK Jordan is the winner of the 2007 Kowalski Cup, which took place at the PAL Hall last night in Fall River, MA. BK defeated both Samoa Joe by disqualification and Brandon Locke via pinfall. Locke and Jordan's semi-final match was declared the finals, after the semi-final match between Brother Runt & Gregory Edwards was ruled a No-Contest. Jordan was then presented the cup by WWE Hall Of Fame Legend Walter "Killer" Kowalski.

- Pictures of the event can be found by clicking here.

- Here are quick results from last nights event:
- Jay Jaillet deftead Antonio Thomas.
- Brandon Locke defeated Vain via submission.
- "Ladies Man" Gregory Edwards pinned Freightrain.
- Brother Runt pinned Zaquary Springate III.
- BK Jordan defeated Samoa Joe via dq.
- Brother Runt and Gregory Edwards was declared a no-contest.
- NWE Italian Champion Romeo Roselli pinned Mike Bennett (w/ Grasyon).
- TRP heavyweight Champion Rick Fuller pinned Eddie Edwards.
- BK Jordan pinned Brandon Locke to win the 2007 Kowalski Cup.


- TNA Knockout and former WWE Diva and Playboy Playmate Christy Hemme is coming to TRP! Hemme will be appearing at our June 9th show at the Boys and Girls Club in Springfield, MA! Also appearing will be former World Champion "The Monster" Abyss as well as more Television stars to be named next week! Check back for complete list of bouts for that event. The event is a part of The Republican Newspaper's new event entitled "Just For The Guys". This will be the kick off event of Just For The Guys, and we will have plenty more information in the coming weeks.

- Nick Steel will be unable to compete in this years Kowalski Cup due to prior professional committments. His replacement will be none other than Kowalski School graduate Freightrain! Freight is a long time Kowalski student who used to be traveling partners with former student and DX member Chyna! When asked about this opportunity to win the Kowalski Cup, Freight stated "I'm Hungry.....for pizza and competition" and also asked us if he could "supersize the Kowalski Cup, and what kind of soft drink does it come with?". Also, Freight may have a better chance than any other competitor, beacause managing him that evening will be none other than WWE Hall of Fame Legend, Killer Kowalski himself! May 4th will be the day to see just how hungry Freightrain is, and if it will be enough to get him through the annual tournament.

- Tickets for the May 4th Kowalski Cup '07 event in Fall River, MA are now available online! Visit our EVENTS page to order your tickets now! Already signed for this major event is the first ever area appearance of TNA Superstar Samoa Joe!
In addition to Samoa Joe TNA Superstar Brother Runt is also scheduled to appear at this years Kowalski Cup event. Also, former WWE Superstars The Heartthrobs will be coming to Fall River in singles action! Fresh off their TNA Pay Per View appearance, Romeo will be defending his NWE Italian Heavyweight Title against last years Kowalski Cup winner, and current TRP tag team champion, Mike Bennett! Romeo's partner Antonio is schdeuled to go one on one with fromer Heavyweight Champion Jay Jaillet!
Also, wrestling legend, and WWE Hall Of Famer, Walter "Killer" Kowalski will be appearing at this years tournament to present the winner the Kowalski Cup trophy!
- Former Kowalski student "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards has signed to appear at this years Kowalski Cup! Edwards, who has recently competed for both Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan as well as Ring Of Honor, has challenged the new Heavyweight Champion Rick Fuller to a title shot at this years annual tournament! While Edwards is not a recognized competitor in TRP, his mentor Kowalski has asked TRP officials to grant "Die Hard" a shot against Fuller. After contacting Rick Fuller he stated that he has "No problem defending the title against ANYONE", and deemed Edwards "a worthy challenger".

- Check out TRP Tag Team Champions Mike Bennett & Bryce Andrews battling Cryme Tyme on WWE's Heat. Click the link below to watch!

- Check out the pics from oue Bellingham, MA event this past friday. Click here to check them out, thanks to Mr. Mike Jas!
- Also, head to our Media page to see pics from
Friday's show in Fall River, MA, thanks to Mike Jas & Christine Coons!


- A major congrats goes out tothe TRP Tag team Champions Bryce Andrews & Mike Bennett, on their appearances for the WWE tonight, in Bridgeport, CT. Bennett & Andrews took on the popular tag team duo Cryme Tyme, for WWE's HEAT program, prior to tonight's RAW. Look for the match next week on

- Stay tuned to updates on other TRP wrestlers and their future appearance with the WWE.

- Media Page has been updated with pictures from Friday's event, thanks to CJ Coons.

- Results from this weekends past shows have been updated
- Events page has been updated
- More names have been added to this years Kowalski Cup event. TNA Superstars Samoa Joe and Brother Runt have both signed to be in the tournament, but a list of other talent has been released for both tournament and non-tournament matches. Check the events page for details....
- Previous episodes of Off The Top Rope Internet TV are now available on the TV page.
- Pictures from Friday's event, have been added, thanks to CJ Coons. Check them out here.
- Roster Page has been updated.

- Tickets for the May 4th event in Fall River, MA are now available on the events page, and can be ordered via PayPal.
- New T-shirts are available for purchase on the merchandise page. Pictures and DVD's wil be available to purchase online by the end of the month.